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    [contribution] Super Download Store

    PS: Do you do custom store installs/set-ups for people? If so, may I ask how much you charge? Feel free to PM me.
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    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi Alex! I'm new to oscommerce and I haven't actually installed a site yet because I see that you can get into trouble by installing a bunch of different add-ons in the "wrong order". So I'm trying to evaluate exactly which add-ons I will need and see what is the best order in which to install them, before even starting. I'm very interested in your contribution, Super Download Shop, because that is the kind of shop I want to create. I want to use only PayPal, and I only want to sell downloadable products (ebooks & software). I don't mind if the customer has to go through a separate payment process for each product, if they want more than one, but I can see that customers might prefer to do a single checkout. What has been your experience with this issue? Do you actually get more sales if people don't have to complete a separate PayPal transaction for each product? The SEO modules sound interesting but I have no idea which one to choose. Do you have a recommendation? (Sorry to ask you that if I'm not supposed to be asking things that are technically "off topic", but you sound so knowledgeable about this kind of store.) I might like to add an affiliate program...not sure. If I do add one, which one do you recommend? I would also like to sell banner ads on my site, for people who want to buy ads (because hopefully I can get a ton of traffic moving to my shop from various other sites I own, including ad sites). Is anyone doing this, and if so what add-on are you using? Last question (for now): If I were to add Super Download Shop, a SEO module, an Affiliate Program module, and a banner ads add-on (assuming one exists), in what order should I install them? Thank you so much & sorry to be a pain right at the beginning!