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  1. dskanth

    USPS error

    Finally i got the error resolved... read this forum.. :) http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/353670-usps-error/
  2. dskanth

    USPS error

    Hi, here is my detailed problem; I have been using usps shipping module in my site, and I was getting an error like the following when I try to purchase a product. An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. I have mentioned the username and password in the admin and set Country as United States, Zone as Florida and postal code is: 33572. I was not sure what the problem is, but this module worked past 2 weeks. FYI: The zip code of the store was not empty and the Tare weight for products is set to 3, max. Package weight is 150. I also have another module called UPS installed in the site. Is anyone facing similar problems with the usps? Please help me. Its frustrating :(
  3. dskanth

    USPS error

    Hello everyone there, please can someone look into this issue... its frustrating me since 2 days... please help me ! :(
  4. dskanth

    USPS error

    Hi, iam getting an error with the usps shipping module. Previosuly it was working fine, but now, after installing the UPS module, it is not working. I made sure that the username and password are correct in the admin panel, and i also specified the postal code and tare weight(3) for products. I set the maximum package weight as 150. Still i dont know where iam missing or what iam doing wrong. Is it because of the UPS module, that the usps is not working properly ? Please advise.