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  1. Thank you for the quick reply! YES that was exactly what I was looking for, works like a charm! it all makes sense when you see it this way, I was only at product_info.php stuck and lost :) thanx again!
  2. Hi! is there a way, in product_info.php, to only show XSELL PRODUCTS and if there is none, then show NEW PRODUCTS instead ? thank you
  3. RolfR

    One Page Checkout Support

    thanx Steve. I replaced just the login button with an "regular" image button and all was fine.. until I discovered it aint working with the payment modules I have to use... >_< at first I couldnt get the regular way to work aswell but after fixing a conflict between lightbox and accordion menu var j$ = jQuery; j$.noConflict(); its was all good, well until now ;)
  4. RolfR

    One Page Checkout Support

    Got the same issue, log in button dosent work when using CSS buttons, but no problem without when using regular image buttons, anyone got a sollution for it? using version 1.2, but had the same problems with 1.04
  5. RolfR

    jQuery - Ultimate Product Pack

    got the same problem "#1062 - Duplicate entry '1671' for key 'PRIMARY' " not so good on phpmyadmin, what should I change in the settings? thanks