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  1. vcards

    PayPal Express working but no store order

    Thanks Chris, tried that but still not working (after eight dummy orders). Is the duplicate invoice error on the store side or on the PayPal side? Probably such a basic problem but I just can't sort this out.
  2. My store used to work fine (using PayPal Express Checkout module) until PayPal changed something last year (taken me a long time to get around to fixing it). Now if someone chooses PayPal Express checkout the PayPal transaction goes through but when they return to the checkout confirmation page customer gets the error message 'a successful transaction has already been completed for this item'. So I get the money but no store order! Which page should customer be returned to after the payment is completed (in PayPal website proferences)? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. To remove all reference to the weight edit /includes/modules/shipping/zones.php Find the following code: Replace with: I would also like to know how to replace the country code with full country name!