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  1. BlazeKing

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thank you George!! I had to delete the language in admin and then reinstall it but it did the trick! --BK
  2. BlazeKing

    Article Manager add language problem

    In case anyone else runs into this problem it has been confirmed as a bug. Thread: http://www.oscmax.com/forums/oscmax-v2-features-discussion/21892-article-manager-add-language-problem.html and the guys over there are looking into it. -- BK
  3. I'm setting up a store under WAMP before going live and have been adding articles using the Article Manager 1.2b. Great add-on by the way. Anyways, I then added a new language and noticed that all the articles and topics that I had added previously do not show up under the new language. In Admin I can go to those articles and edit them and when I do that it shows an extra place to put the article in the new language. It previews OK, but then when I click update, it doesn't add anything. I can go right back into Edit and everything I just wrote for the new language is gone. Everything works good if I add more articles. All new articles will show up in the new language. It's just that everything that was done prior to installing a new language doesn't show up in the new language and I can't see anyway to add them. Anyone have any idea about this? Thanks. BK