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  1. Artlife

    Online Gift Cards

    where is your gift certificate program? Does it track balances for certificates that have a balance left on them? Can a customer see what their balance is?
  2. If I want to use this add-on, how do I know what changes mentioned in this support thread need to be applied? It does not appear the add-on download has been updated in some months. Meanwhile innumerable posts change this line that line etc. What I need is an add-on that tracks pre-set spending amounts for employee accounts. So for instance someone has $100 on account they can spend until it's used up then after that they fork over their own money. I'm trying to find the thread for a gift certificate as I think that may be the only way to make that work.
  3. Artlife

    Credit card offline payment

    Ordering by phone is not a problem, many stores do it. There is of course a level of trust, many people are unwilling to do so but frankly it's no different that giving your CC card to pay at a restaurant etc. The site can process cards offline (I am assuming they have a card swipe or whatever that thing is called). However they must have a secure certificate and a secure gateway to collect the CC number, they would then view that info on the secure (admin) side of the site, not email the number. They can choose not to process the order live but I believe it may for instance validate the card number and perhaps pre-auth the charge. There is no getting around the secure apparatus for online CC card sales even if the card is charged offline later. If they do not want to pay for all that, then have a third party like PayPal handle the payment or make orders payable by check, money order, C.O.D., etc. The company I work for processes cards offline but we have SSL for each webstore and a gateway for handling the transaction. Even if what you are thinking of doing is not illegal, it is extremely foolish and IMHO unethical.