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  1. takiko

    payment mod for ver 2.3.1

    I am wondering is there any bank transfer payment mod and interact email bank transfer payment mod for 2.3.1? I have used it from previous ver, which is 2.2... I am looking for it!
  2. takiko

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    i have checked my sever, it said the soap is enable and php version is 5.1.6 what can I do to fix the error?
  3. takiko

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    No I didn't install the soap_test.php code...it doesn't tell me to install it to my sever...
  4. takiko

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    You have same error as well.... I don't what kind of error with it.... I also have canada postmodern as well
  5. takiko

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I have registered fedex account. I have the key, password and meter key. But I still get some error with it When I installed the fedex mod to my oscommerce.... I make a dummy test on it.... I add product to the cart....but I when click checkout.... It turn blank on the checkout page...is there an error on it?
  6. takiko

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I have installed the Fedex... but i don't know what should i fill in... FedEx Web Services Key FedEx Web Services Password is it just my login to myFedex? FedEx Account Number (I know this one) FedEx Meter Number (this one, I don't get it :'( ) I tried to make a test on it...but it didn't work...it will turn blank... when I checkout...
  7. takiko

    Bank Transfer (Canada)

    I want to add the bank transfer option for my oscommerce... which one is good and easy to use? I have downloaded Bank Transfer Payment Option... when I read the README... it said Added order status to the config so you can use for Virtual products (See note below) ******NOTE******* YOU MUST SET YOUR ORDER STATUS CORRECTLY TO USE WITH DOWNLOADS Make sure you add / set an order status for use with virtual products so it will not allow immediate downloads. admin >> localization >> order status Make sure the one you choose to use for this add on does NOT have dowload rights. Cleaned the uninstall function of unnecessary code. Great contribution Nic http://www.linuxuk.co.uk I don't know what does it really mean...so I didn't take any action to upload and install...
  8. Hello~ I've question about the Canada Post mod.. I have some products that are flat and low weight (like paper mask)... is it possible to add the shipping services like send it as letter mail? It is crazy to send 2-3 paper mask to canada, usa or international...for C$7.00.... The cheapest method is small packet for usa & international...and canada is parcel...
  9. takiko

    about alipay

    Does anyone add the alipay mod? I want to add it. what should I do? I don't have a/c in china!?
  10. hello I have installed the Pink Bubble Ready Made Template... Everything seem fine...but I cannot read the Editor for Product Description or Edit Page... I cannot only see the button...just can't see the editor table... Can anyone tell me why?
  11. I will test it on another SQL DATABASE before put it my real store... I just want my customer can collect the points...and they can use it later... But I will allow them to use the points or discount code... I won't let them to use both Thanks
  12. Right now, I have installed the discount code mod. Can I also add the points reward mod, will it be okay... I afraid that two cannot combine together... thanks in advance
  13. takiko

    paypal shipping

    I also have the same problems... don't know why there is no shipping cost when I go to the paypal page!? Anyone can tell me why!?
  14. I don't know why the paypal only count the sub-total only..when it transfer to paypal website for making payment... I don't know why this error occur!? I don't is it the error that I made from the discount coupon !?
  15. Hello I just installed the discount coupon...everything seem run fine... but when I tried to check out... some error occur... I don't know why the paypal only count the sub-total not the total amount!? how can I fix this problems?