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  1. Hi All, I am having an issue with CCGV. When I have it activated and install with onepagecheckout it seems to work fine and I get a popup box showing "Coupon has been applied" or " Coupon not Valid" etc etc However when I used CCGV without the onepagechekout the info box doesnt popup and get the following message in by browser address bar www.domain.com.au/store/checkout_payment.php?payment_error=ot_coupon&error=***+This+is+a+valid+coupon+code.+HOWEVER%3A+No+price+reduction+can+be+applied%2C+please+see+the+coupon+restrictions+that+were+sent+with+your+email+offer.+** The discount doesnt seem to be applied as per the image below However if I press the redeem again I get the discount applied as per this image But get the follpowing message in the browser address bar www.domain.com.au/store/checkout_payment.php?payment_error=ot_coupon&error=The+coupon+has+been+successfully+applied+for+%248.50+ Looking a the demo version Im assuming the error/success Message should appear in the red info box. Thanks Richard
  2. tomandmolly

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi all, I am having a few issues with One Page checkout and CCGV coupons as follows When both are installed and enabled, a existing user already logged in can use the checkout and the coupon and it seems to work fine. When a new user (not logged in) tries to use the checkout it seems to process and then returns the user to the login screen and no order is registered. The coupon section seems to be working correctly except when one page is disabled and it then doesnt show any errors in the red infobox Any ideas Thanks Richard