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  1. viktordite

    detect startpage

    hi, is it possible to detect the startpage to let it have a different look? Are there any tags i am able to "if" ?? thx!
  2. viktordite

    nested navigation issue

    hi all, i am just trying to modify the /template/infoboxes/categories.html template due to have list Elements instead of tables. but can't get the "deep search" (dfs) inside the loop: {{foreach from=$BOX.CONTENT item=i} {if $i.INF_CATEGORY_LEVEL == "1"} <li id="mLev-1-{$BOX.INF_BOX_POS}"> <a href="{$i.LINK_CATEGORY}" class="mLev-1-{$BOX.INF_BOX_POS}"> {if $i.INF_CATEGORY_SELECTED} <strong>{$i.TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME}</strong> {else} {$i.TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME} {/if} </a> </li> {elseif $i.INF_CATEGORY_LEVEL == "2"} <ul><li id="mLev-2-{$BOX.INF_BOX_POS}"> <a href="{$i.LINK_CATEGORY}" class="mLev-2-{$BOX.INF_BOX_POS}"> {if $i.INF_CATEGORY_SELECTED} <strong>{$i.TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME}</strong> {else} {$i.TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME} {/if} </a> </li> </ul> {elseif $i.INF_CATEGORY_LEVEL == "3"} <li id="mLev-3-{$BOX.INF_BOX_POS}"> <a href="{$i.LINK_CATEGORY}" class="mLev-3-{$BOX.INF_BOX_POS}"> {if $i.INF_CATEGORY_SELECTED} <strong>{$i.TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME}</strong> {else} {$i.TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME} {/if} </a> </li> {/if} {/foreach} would like to have nested <ul>s like these: <ul> <li>first level</li> <li>first level</li> <ul> <li>second level</li> <li>second level</li> </ul> <ul> <ul> <li>third level</li> <li>third level</li> </ul> </ul> <li>first level</li> </ul> does anybody have an idea?
  3. not sure how to start... i just wanted to update the script (1.7) to add automatically a link (<a href/>) and a rel=lightbox to each image is loaded by the html editor. trying to understand the insert_image.html since hours but not getting where the img url is handled (or given back to the editor)