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    Follkes reacted to FIMBLE in IP trap Version 3 released   
    OK i had enough of you now,
    I found out who it was and PM'd him to ask if it was OK to publish he said yes, this was after i had done so but could have had it taken down, (you can of course PM him and ask him if i did or not) if you are so hot then sort it yourself and release it, some people seem to only want to complain and you seem to be one of them, rather than be constructive you choose to attack.
    If i'm so bad then why has HPDL been asking me to help him with some work?
    People like YOU make people like me wonder why the hell i bother at all
    I have helped thousands of people here and release a LOT of contributions. If you do not like them then do not use them.
    Taking an idea and releasing it as a contribution when no-one else seems to want to for the benefit of all is not a new thing it happens a fair amount.
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    Follkes reacted to sky_diver in IP trap Version 3 released   
    I dont think any version is stable. As I said; IT BLOCKS CERTAIN PAYMENT MODULES FROM SENDING DATA TO ONES SHOP!It is a shame that you released it on 30th April after grabbing it from a topic started on 23rd of April, but could not remember who really wrote the code, so people could get better help from there. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/300238-ip-banishment/page__hl__list If you can not improve the code for stability then why release it with no public uploads available?
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    Follkes reacted to sky_diver in IP trap Version 3 released   
    This so called IPTrap is far from stable. I highly doubt it will ever be stable as I found a topic here where it was created by other forum members. This fimble guy just copied what was in the forum and packaged it like it was his work. Now he cant seem to make a stable release. This IPTrap will block certain payment modules from sending data to your shop. I would stay far away from it and wait for something to come out by people that know what they are doing.
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    Follkes reacted to sakwoya in Who's Online Enhancement 1.4   
    Hi all - solved my above problem
    If, like me, you have downloaded 3.5.9 you will only have the admin files - there is a missing file and some SQL statements.
    To fix this download 3.5.4 by SteveDallas and copy the file catalog/includes/functions/whos_online.php to your store. Then run the following in your phpMyadmin:
    ALTER TABLE whos_online ADD http_referer VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE whos_online ADD user_agent VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `whos_online` ADD `hostname` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL AFTER `ip_address` ;
    This fixed it for me.
    (I have an updated package but the contribution page is refusing to let me upload at the present time)