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  1. Hi all, I am very (new)green in oscommerce working with a coder. If I am in wrong forum please let me know where to repost We have finally installed oscommerce on a site. Needs are to tally order where 1 child free with paying adult for service and extra children paying. Ex:I have 2 adults and 3 children using service. adults pay $10 each 2 children would be free third child would pay $5 In catalog there are 3 items adults $10 kids free $0 extra kid cost $5 What I think I need is in event this family enters 3 child free in child free section there would be some way to have a warning box that tells them number of free child can not exceed number of paying adult. This would force them to enter in this case 2 in child free section. How would my coder be able to do something like this. Let's say: adults = a kids free = kf extra kid cost = ekc if kf = or is less than or equal to a qty. cost is $0 if kfc = or is more than to a qty. cost is $5 per child over a qty. if it is 1 adult and 3 child then i child free and 2 child pay $5 each hopefully i am making sense many thanks