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  1. s_pauley

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Can someone direct me to the correct infopages version or another infopage contrib to install on osc rc2a shop with fckeditor installed.. Thanks, Sherry
  2. s_pauley


    Hidden Products v1.0 almost works with AuctionTastic After installing, I added a hidden product to categories, with no approved customer, and then added the hidden product to the auction page. The product is now only viewable on the auction page. Keeping the product out of view would fix the problem I had with customers being able to purchase the 'one item only' product from the catalog at the same time an auction for it was running. it works up to the point that when click on the auction product a 'Product not found!' page comes up...so my question is why would it show up as an active auction but not when you click on the auction product? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1053
  3. s_pauley

    IP Containment and Management

    No need to reply to this second question. My dyslexia was getting in the way again, but after reading the install page 5 times I finely got it. Sherry
  4. s_pauley

    IP Containment and Management

    I installed IP Containment and Management System V1 without a problem and found out it wasn't what I need to track all visitors IP's. So I searched and found this: Visitors Web Stats Lite One of the key features is: Captures a variety of useful web stats such as the visitors IP address, browser language, site language used, language country, number of visits, date of last visit, uri and referrer. So now I have a new question; since I installed IP Containment and Management System V1 can I use the Visitors Web Stats Lite default OSC installation? It said it was for installation on OSC with no prior versions of Visitor Web Stats installed. If not, can someone help me out with what version I should use? I uploaded the install page is here: http://www.artifactsguide.com/catalog/install.html In case you need to know i'm running on OSC V2.2 RC2 Thanks for any help you can give me, Sherry
  5. s_pauley

    IP Containment and Management

    Thank you Jim. Sherry
  6. Hello, I'm new to osc and I am going to add IP Containment and Management System V1 to my shop so I can see visitors IP addresses. I'm not having a problem with installing it yet, I just have a question: in the instal.txt it said that in catalog/includes/functions/general.php it already grabs visitors IP addresses. My question is where would I go to see my visitors IP addresses. My server only keeps a 30 day record of visitors and two months ago I had someone sign up with information using a name of someone that died over a year ago but with a wrong address, state, zip and phone information. I would like to see if I can track this user with his IP address. Thanks in advance, Sherry