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    puddlec got a reaction from sarahswift in Multiple sizes and prices on one product listing?   
    another idea
    on my site which has radio button for the options, what i have done was to  use some JavaScript to take the price of the option and add it to the base price of the item and then update it on screen.
    e.g. if my item was £120 and one of my options was for £38.40, if i selected that option the price would change on screen to £158.40 etc
    i did this by adding data-price to my radio button which my JavaScript looks for to then work out the maths 
    so you can use the same principle to get the attribute price and the qty in the text box to show the current cost
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    puddlec got a reaction from René H4 in Frozen bug list   
    You could of also added the p tag or any other HTML tag, within strip tags like so
    strip_tags($listing['products_description'], '<br><p>')  
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    puddlec got a reaction from JcMagpie in Odd cart display on products with options   
    order by pa.options_values_price  
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    puddlec got a reaction from JcMagpie in Odd cart display on products with options   
    i added that code, to the query on line 60, and it will sort by the price so the cheapest would be the first option, instead of what order they were entered in.
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    puddlec got a reaction from Rwe in Addon Feedback   
    Not a single person voted Burt's idea down.
    Or are you counting all those who have not voted as a no, that are not how votes work.
    All Burt was trying to do is improve the quality of the add-ons available or are you saying that you would rather have fifty poorly coded add-on compaired to ten better add-ons which has better features?
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    puddlec got a reaction from Bobber in Bootstrap 4 in   
    I am already on frozen, is there any point in upgrading to this version?
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    puddlec reacted to burt in Bootstrap 4 in   
    Frozen is still frozen (at bootstrap v3) Admin is still not bootstrapped
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    puddlec got a reaction from Rwe in session db table is getting very large   
    I had a problem when i first moved to PHP 7.X, that the sessions table would not clear, after some digging i noticed that my session.gc_probability was set to 0
    you can see what it is set to by checking your server info within tools. then just scroll down or search for it.
    to fix it i just set session.gc_probability to 1
    by putting/changing
    session.gc_probability = 1 in my php.ini file
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    puddlec got a reaction from JcMagpie in Support thread for featured products with Ribbon v2.3.4.1 CE   
    Just a fiddle with the addon, and noticed a few things
    any reason for having two header modules instead of just the one? - one for the css the other for java script could you not just do something like the below - similar was done for the colourbox header tag as part of the product info page $oscTemplate->addBlock( '<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/OwlCarousel2/2.3.4/owl.carousel.js"></script>' . "\n", $this->group); $oscTemplate->addBlock( '<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/OwlCarousel2/2.3.4/assets/owl.carousel.css">' . "\n", 'header_tags'); $oscTemplate->addBlock( '<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/OwlCarousel2/2.3.4/assets/owl.theme.default.css">' . "\n", 'header_tags'); tried turning on showing the product descriptions, and got an error on featured_products_carousel.php line 37 should tep_i_featured_products_carousel_limit_text not be tep_fp_featured_products_carousel_limit_text noticed it was possible to have a product shown, after being selected as a featured product been set to inactive  I managed to fix that by adding product_status to the query that gets the information to be shown, then warping the array that outputs the product info in a if statement that checks the product status - not sure if that is the best way of achieving that, but it worked for me.
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    puddlec got a reaction from JcMagpie in IIS report php-cgi exited unexpectedly   
    What you can do in plesk is have a different PHP version for each domain.
    E.g. my server shipped with PHP 5.3 but I installed PHP 5.6 and then later PHP 7.1 
    Tools & Setting  Updatesand Upgrades . Add/remove components web hosting Php interpreter version it will now provide a list of available PHP versions you can install Click on the which version(s) you want to install Plesk will then download and install them for you For the domain you want to change the PHP for you will need to click on PHP settings Near the top you get two drop-down one for PHP version and the second for how it should run. In my case it says fastcgi application server by Apache Those steps where based on plesk 17.8 on Linux, you may get slightly different options
    I did get PHP 5 from is vendor and a separate PHP 5.3 I could install
    What you can do is have PHP 5.2 on your current site setup a sub domain for it and have that run on a newer version of PHP.
    Plesk will also keep any PHP installed this way up to date with any updates.
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    puddlec got a reaction from driven22 in Disappear "edit" in banner manager /admin side   
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    puddlec got a reaction from burt in Frozen to BSv4   
    On the specials. When I had a look on my tablet in portrait, the price goes under the view/buy now buttons,so it looks like everything is either, $2 or $3
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    puddlec got a reaction from burt in Frozen to BSv4   
    I would like to thank you for your work on improving osCommerce. in terms of modernizing it to work with newer versions of PHP, making it work better on mobiles, and most importantly making it easier to install add-ons. As most can now be installed without touching any core files. This makes any updates easier to install, both the addon itself and any updates to the core.
    To me it does not matter how many times you post something on the forum, it is more about what you have done/will do with the code.
    To me it is a shame that more people are not interested in helping in making osCommerce better in some shape or form.
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    puddlec got a reaction from burt in Path To "Final"   
    Just tried it and it worked, Thanks for that Burt
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    puddlec got a reaction from zefeena in Easy Populate & Products Attributes   
    Quantity Price Break is currently not supported with easy populate.
    but i have managed to add it to easy populate, it just needs a bit more work/testing in order to get it working fully
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    puddlec got a reaction from partrade12 in Easy Populate & Products Attributes   
    is sppc working at all on your website.
    e.g. each customer group has a different price, when they are logged in.
    if you are not seeing this then there is a problem with that addon that needs to be fixed.
    you can test by changing the price of a product within the admin and not using easy populate
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    puddlec got a reaction from partrade12 in Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5   
    under the title of an product put

    <?php echo print_r($_SESSION); ?>
    you should get some information printed out. that towords the bottom has
    [sppc_customer_group_id] => 0 [sppc_customer_group_show_tax] => 1 [sppc_customer_group_tax_exempt] => 0 [sppc_customer_specific_taxes_exempt] => ) 1
    try login in different accounts, and see if any of those details change
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    puddlec got a reaction from cclayton in Easy Populate add new field   
    There are some instructions on how to do this. in the easypopulate.php file around line 250 under BEGIN Define Custom Fields for your products database
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    puddlec got a reaction from nicole zhang in Information Pages Unlimited v1.0   
    theres no problem, you would need to have something like ?info_id=7 at the end of the url for it to find the page
    within the infomation box, there should be links to the content you created (unless it was the greatings message or homepage)
    you click on those links and it finds the pages correctly