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  1. check your includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php files, that all details (url/filepath/database settings) have been filled in
  2. Amazon do the same, if the order gets cancelled after marking it as dispatched (Amazon takes the money at that time, not at the time of the order), if i recall correctly the seller still has a pay a percentage of the selling fee (not the full amount if it gets cancelled after marking it as dispatched)
  3. did you try it the way i said, as that method, should avoid, the file being renamed?
  4. one possible idea, you can try. (which should work unless anything else has changed in your setup, from default oscommerce behaviour) "create a product" in the admin, you don't have to fill out any of the fields, (set it to out of stock so it does not show), and where you got the product image file upload, upload your store logo as "logo.png" which should overwrite the original, and so changes the store logo
  5. on the customer side does it show any store logo at all? or does it only show the old logo? also
  6. this after you go on about Censorship". and now you try to censor other people. also it is a fact you made terrible copies of other people code (not just supporters code), do you want a full list of how many times you have done this. all you have ever done is whine and complained about Gary's efforts in make oscommerce/phoenix better/easier to make install addons. if you hate oscommerce/ phoenix so much do everyone a favour and stop using it, use something else instead, and leave all those you want oscommerce to be great again in peace
  7. you don't need to make any changes at all, if you put something in Products Title for SEO: and that admin -> modules -> header-tags -> product title -> SEO Breadcrumb Override? is set to true
  8. puddlec


    have you updated your configure.php files. to include https? (by default oscommerce would only secure the login/checkout pages) to secure all pages (which is recommended by google) is to change HTTP_SERVER to https:// YOUR DOMAIN have you checked your site against https://www.whynopadlock.com/ to make sure that everything is coming from a https source?
  9. puddlec

    Support thread for JcM CKEditor V1.0

    you would need to make changes to the articles manager addon to allow html to go through to the database, without it being filtered out.
  10. puddlec

    Support thread for JcM CKEditor V1.0

    this is expected behaviour on the shop side, it would do the exact same thing even if you did not have this installed, what is entered is being cleaned out by oscomerce, to prevent bad code being added to the database. one question why do you need it on the shop side?
  11. puddlec

    I'm new to oscommerce

    it is because the language pack was designed for an order version, and has not been updated to include support for Phoenix which has in some places, added more language definitions so your best bet is to copy the English language files, into the danish folder, and then translating them
  12. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    That's the advantage with the hook system that was used ( as well as using modules to add new features) , less chance of things going wrong. as well as so much simpler to install as well I've managed to break all sorts of things in the past when installing / updating addons in the past. i will of course check against future releases of phoenix, to make sure everything still works
  13. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    does it work on the categories description? i have just tried it myself in 1.0.30 and it works
  14. puddlec

    PHP7: security update

    and effects PHP versions 7.1.x below 7.1.33, 7.2.x below 7.2.24 and 7.3.x below 7.3.11 so for most people it won't effect them as it does not effect Apache based servers
  15. puddlec


    Max limit on the forum for attachments is 0.9mb the zip file is 2.24mb i did have problems downloading the file, the only way i was able to was save to add it to my google drive and then download from that