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  1. puddlec

    Final countdown to v4

    now i got that song in my head
  2. puddlec

    When to expect osCommerce v4 release

    Slava Ukraini!
  3. puddlec

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Wrong once again, the so called v4 is trueloaded a fork of oscommerce, you even got true loaded images on the oscommerce wiki. Maybe you should also mention all the lies and broken promises you made to Harold, if you wanted to be factual
  4. puddlec

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    no such thing as OSCommerce v4, like I just explained to you. just admit it. everyone else knows what you have done. you just brought the name, for your little fork, then trying to pass that off as OSCommerce , how sad and pathetic.
  5. puddlec

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    not true Oscommerce, just a rubbish fork of it, that nobody uses
  6. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    Please note due to Phoenix cart moving to a new forum, this add on will no longer be supported on this forum the new support thread is now here https://phoenixcart.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=379 any questions / help should only be made on the new forum and not here Note, any future updates to this add on will not be made available here.
  7. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    finally got round to uploading it, for those who used the file I posted earlier in this thread it is exactly the same. * Support for newer versions of Phoenix * Support for info pages * removed some unneeded stuff tested on v1.0.7.14
  8. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    it completely escaped my mind, that I put the new version here, for testing, before I upload it. i upload it sometime today
  9. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    @jonwix @Heatherbell try the version i have attached, should be fixed now, also added support for the information pages TinyMCE 1.0.5.zip
  10. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    I think I found a fix, could not do much about it as my work internet connection, is terrible, it was barely useable today's should have a fix out Tomorrow
  11. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    it does do that for some unkown reason, on new products,, but is perfectly fine on existing products, and works on creating new categories
  12. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    just tried it it works perfectly fine, just make sure you are uploading to the correct place
  13. this after you go on about Censorship". and now you try to censor other people. also it is a fact you made terrible copies of other people code (not just supporters code), do you want a full list of how many times you have done this. all you have ever done is whine and complained about Gary's efforts in make oscommerce/phoenix better/easier to make install addons. if you hate oscommerce/ phoenix so much do everyone a favour and stop using it, use something else instead, and leave all those you want oscommerce to be great again in peace
  14. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    That's the advantage with the hook system that was used ( as well as using modules to add new features) , less chance of things going wrong. as well as so much simpler to install as well I've managed to break all sorts of things in the past when installing / updating addons in the past. i will of course check against future releases of phoenix, to make sure everything still works
  15. puddlec

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    does it work on the categories description? i have just tried it myself in 1.0.30 and it works