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  1. Gaz Jones

    HSBC Secure on OsCommerce v3

    Is there a contribution for HSBC Secure Payments for OsCommerce V3 because I cannot find it. The only HSBC payment system I can find is for V2 of OsCommerce. I dont think I can simply change or create a new file to do it, can anyone help with this? Thanks
  2. o2 can go to hell, please don't cut my phone off and not even bother telling me again!

  3. Gaz Jones

    HSBC CPI "Hacking Attempt!"

    Can anyone help both of us with this issue? I have the hacking attempt message now despite the hash being generated and everything looking correct. SSL is up and working etc. The site is still in test mode, might that cause the problems as I am putting it through the https://cpi.hsbc blah blah servlet page? Thanks Gaz
  4. Gaz Jones

    HSBC CPI "Hacking Attempt!"

    I have exactly the same problem but I am using 2.2. Check the source code of the page before you click out to HSBC for the <input type="hidden" name="OrderHash" value="error while loading shared libraries"> tag. As you can see mine has the error "error while loading shared libraries", as there is no hash being sent HSBC returns as a "hacking error". Your problem might be different though, do you have your SSL setup and working?
  5. Gaz Jones

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Im at my wits end with this, I dont know if my host has the exe .so file installed (123-reg / webfusion?) and all I get constantly is the "hacking attempt" message. As far as I can tell it should be working, I am thinking of just screwing this over and trying to get the Java version to work and then patch that into the HSBC module for OSCommerce somehow... If anyone here can help it would be appreciated, ill give the hosting logins if I have to, the site was meant to be lauched last week and without this im screwed!!!!