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    Netscape Screenshot: http://www.tricountysearch.com/paypal.jpg Test Link: (dont "really" check out, ok?) http://www.tricountysearch.com/a.html Please Note, if you have logged into a paypal account lately, the test link above will not show correctly unless you clear cookies, the second link should resemble the screenshot link listed first above. But yep, it's there, operational, and confirmed
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    Heres an email that i just got from PayPal, according to PayPal the new CC system isnt scheduled to be announced as of yet, although it is already implimented in the suite of new features listed below: PayPal has optimized the checkout experience by launching an exciting new improvement to its payment flow. These changes apply to the following Website Payments features: Buy Now Buttons, Donations, and PayPal Shopping Cart. With the new checkout, making a transaction is easier than ever. Your buyer can complete a payment first, and then have the option of saving their information for future transactions. Once customers have decided to make a purchase, they are walked through four easy steps: 1. Shipping information 2. Billing information 3. Review of payment information 4. Save customer information with PayPal (optional) ? To shop more quickly and easily in the future, customers can save their personal information they?ve already entered with PayPal. All they need to do is choose a confidential password and answer a few security questions. To toggle off this new feature, simply log in, go to Profile subtab, click on Website Payment Preferences in the Selling Preferences column, and check the yes/no box under PayPal Account Optional. Sincerely, The PayPal Team
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    As of Friday, Feb 13 2004, PayPal now accepts credit card payments from non-members. This new feature, will be automatically activated on Premier and Business account holders and they may start taking Credit Card Payments from buyers using the existing PayPal contribution with no modifications needed. Until now, PayPal has required that buyers open a PayPal account to send funds, and that their credit card number be kept on file, the new system has no such requirements. I've dealt with the hassles of Authorize.net, Humbolt bank and Linkpoint for years, the high monthly charges, the chargebacks that are so easily obtainable thru fraudulent buyers, and the fact that you have to have a commercial bank account which has large opening deposits. them days are over.... [EDIT HPDL:] Some postings in this thread have been removed as they were offtopic.