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  1. vwmike

    DC GV RC1 RC2 RC2a

    I've been trying to install this module on my site with OSC RC2 v2.2. It doesn't seem to be an exact fit but I think I've done about the best I can. It all seems to be working on the admin side but no sign of it shows up in the checkout. Where do I need to focus to sort this out? Thanks!
  2. vwmike

    Google Checkout problems

    I'm pulling my hair out here. I'm trying to set up google checkout on my site. I have oscommerce v2.2 RC2 and google checkout v1.5.0. I put in the merchant ID and key for both production and sanbox. It doesn't matter which it is set on, when you proceed to the checkout and hit submit it just takes you back to the cart where the items still are. What could be causing this? Thanks, -Mike