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  1. Wayne Weedon


    Its the authors patch so I guess so. Just make a backup of the file before you edit anything. That equally applies to all code edits of course. Once you get it running sitemonitor is a great add-on. Helps with the peace of mind a bit.. I have mine run as a cron job and it emails me several times a day to keep me updated.
  2. Wayne Weedon


    Mine is the v2.6 version, and indeed when I first installed it the username in admin changed from the real username to "c" when the Sitemonitor tab was selected. The patch/edit I mention above is this. " It's changing because the code in SiteMonitor uses a name that is used by the code to display the login name. To fix that, please make this change: In sitemonitor_configure_setup.php, find this code $admin = trim(DIR_WS_ADMIN, "/"); $switch['exclude_list'] = ((! strstr($list, $admin)) ? "'" . $admin . "', " : ''); and replace it with $adminSM = trim(DIR_WS_ADMIN, "/"); $switch['exclude_list'] = ((! strstr($list, $adminSM)) ? "'" . $adminSM . "', " : ''); " Wayne....
  3. Wayne Weedon


    If it is the User "c" issue, then try this it worked for me.
  4. Wayne Weedon


    There is a small edit required, it's mentioned here somewhere. That is if you get the logged in as c problem.
  5. Wayne Weedon


    Well I didn't follow any of the links to "victims" sites after the 1st one came up immediately with an attack site warning. Interesting that Facebook allows them to have little corners on that to show their trophies etc. Sometimes I wonder if it's just a sport for them, but no doubt there's chance of gain for the little oicks.
  6. Wayne Weedon


    "Meher Assel" has been a busy little boy! Did you google that name? I just did!
  7. Wayne Weedon

    problem with PayPal Payment Standard

    Are you UK based? You have an option on your store for USD. I find it easier myself (I'm UK based) to have just the one currency (GBP) on my store. That payment module works fine for me with my setup.
  8. Dabbling with PowerosC

  9. Hehe I've had a lot of those blank pages during my experience over the last few weeks. But with treading carefully you can get there. To me it seemed to be about learning the file structure of OSC which helped most. My shop went live last week and had it's first real sale go through smoothly yesterday. I just have to promote it now. Wayne....
  10. Wayne Weedon

    IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi For some reason this is not working on my server. All changes made but it seems it's not getting the full FS Path. [client *********] PHP Warning: file(): Unable to access DOCUMENT_ROOT/../banned/IP_Trapped.txt in /var/www/vhosts/******.co.uk/httpdocs/catalog/includes/secret.php on line 11, referer: http://******.co.uk/catalog/index.php [client ********] PHP Warning: file(DOCUMENT_ROOT/../banned/IP_Trapped.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/******.co.uk/httpdocs/catalog/includes/secret.php on line 11, referer: http://******.co.uk/catalog/index.php Where is the var DOCUMENT_ROOT derived? Should I hard code the full path to make it work? or use the OSC var DIR_FS_CATALOG ? Permissions set to 666 for the files and 755 for the dir. Wayne.....
  11. Yes it does thanks. I agree it's been a steep learning curve but site will most likely be ready to go live sometime this weekend. Just a few more things to test and products to add. I've opted for a fairly mild tweaking of the default install really, as I like to keep it as simple as possible for mine and the customers sake! www.billetparts.co.uk/catalog if you're interested. It will no doubt evolve a fair bit yet, but need to have it running as soon as I can so I can try ween my ebay clients away ;) Looked at your profile and homepage. I ran a BBS for many years too. 2:251/126 I was way back. Ran it from 88 to 99 I think, pioneering days anyway! Wayne....
  12. Maybe you could duplicate International Signed for, and edit it's name,text,icons and tariffs to create a parcelforce worldwide module? Wayne....
  13. Shame I'm not finding this stuff fast enough to edit my own posts, but the selfhelp is helping! Ok now found the explaination for the large package increase. Now understand it's an across the board % not based on some threshold as I ASSumed it was! All starting to make sence now, it was not noticing the slightly loaded tariffs that stumped me. Wayne....
  14. Doh!! I now notice these are the figures entered into the rates! Obviously a little loaded? I was wrongly assuming it would be using the base tariff. Still the question applies for the "Larger packages - percentage increase." calculation? Even if just for interests sake. Wayne...
  15. Now I'm confused even more. I deliberately set tare and larger packages to zero in config Test item has a weight of 0.03 On checkout we see the follwing with only Royal Mail First Class v2.2.1 enabled. Delivery Weight : 1 package of 0.03 Kg's (Ships normally within 1 to 3 days) £1.28 Should either be 0.39 or 0.61(1st Large) What have I missed? Wayne.....