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    Add-on Side-banner

    This is great ...but it so needs expanding to allow images on the main page, the header and footer, and the tops of the category pages this would make giving a custom feel to oscommerce so easy..I don't know why it has not been done before...or even if someone could make the code clear that one needs to sdd to make the admin banners appear wherever is needed at whatever size is needed.
  2. OK I have no idea how to do this but I know how usefull it would be. From admin it would be great to be able to add top banners, bottom banners, side banners, main banners on front page, and banners on category pages..this would make the site so easy to customise and make banners easy to change as well. Not just for advertising but general graphics and the entire site looks could be changed easily without messing with code.] the is one module that allows the addition of side banners, but this needs to be expanded. even if someone could explain the code segment that needs adding to a file to get it to display the banners already available in admin in 2.3 I can't even work out how many pixels across the centre is on the main page to make a grapic to fit... Oh while I am on...has anyone noticed that 2.3 only allows a very small header graphic it's way too small...does anyone know how to make the space for the grpahic bigger like it used to be?