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    Russian language problem

    No really u don`t understand why i have chosen my solution: Example text in three languages i have (random words): Latvian - kaķītis, kažociņš, ābols Russian - киска, пальто, яблоко English - moggy, coat, apple Can u see the difference between Latvian and Russian, thous two languages are not done with in on encoding like (LV) windows-1257, (RU) windows-1251 if i only used English and Latvian or English and Russian then i can use what u suggest me, as i have 2 complicity different languages one with CYRILLIC nad other in LATIN with special characters! p.s. and my DB entries are much more like understandable Example from DB of category_name Before: (1, 1, 'Teaching Resources'), (1, 2, 'MÄcÄ«bu resursi'), (1, 3, 'Учебные реÑурÑÑ‹'), After my solution: (1, 1, 'Teaching Resources'), (1, 2, 'Mācību resursi'), (1, 3, 'Преподавание ресурсы'), I hope it makes sense now to you why i have do this way LINK (<- click link)
  2. I have installed oSCommerce v2.2RC2 *** Translation - "Домашний кинотеатр - Home Cinema" So the problem is that: On setting up categories for shop catalog i got the problem with symbols of Russian language for word length and at the end after saving the category name i have the problem: Inputing the category name is: "Домашний кинотеатр" After saving i got this: "Домашний кинотеа�" with the question symbol at he end. I can only input 16 symbols of cyrillic symbols for Russian lang. 1) The admin panel interface i have in english. 2) I have changed the admin language CHARSET to UTF-8 as the ISO encoding was problematic. Any help or advance on this?
  3. imop

    Russian language problem

    Thank you! I have already tried it, but not quite handy always to change language, also if i add product to my shop i need fill out all the languages at the same time EN LV RU in that case the language switch is not an option!
  4. imop

    Russian language problem

    This should be the solution to my post on DB: LINK ( <- click )
  5. imop

    Russian language problem

    Privet! Znajesh ja menjal eti uztanofki no problema v tom kak ja tekst vvozhu cerez admon a u menja tam UTF-8 eto potomu cto u menja 3 jazika Latiskij (Latvian)(problematičnije simvoli - ēūīāšģķļžčņ) Russikij (Russian) (sovsem sivoji simvoli) u Angliskij (English) (bez problem) S angliskim net problem no vot s Latvian u Russian tam vot eto i poevljaetsa! hmm budu smotretj taljshe
  6. imop

    Russian language problem

    Ok i have searched a bit more the internet and get some results... In DB i have changed "maximum value" of table - "categories_description" from 32 to 255, but it seems that charters who are saved in DB are not saved correctly, but it save like this: "Учебные ресурсы" save as "Учебные реÑурÑÑ" it`s damn stupid i don`t know what to do! It makes the word from 15 symbols to 28 symbols... how to fix this? But the most interesting thing the symbols in frontend are displayed correctly! If i will migrate from one hosting company to other can i have any trouble with my DB text`s?