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  1. Haha
    greasemonkey reacted to burt in 28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...   
    The idiot that coded these things...should have done a little more testing. 
    It's definitely shopowners who are the best testers...
    So, a few bugfixes have just been sent out - mostly very minor.
    In all cases, just upload the files included to replace the old.
    Thank You to all who pointed out my mis-steaks 👍
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    greasemonkey reacted to burt in Optional Related Products, Version 4.0   
    I'm just off to have a 🍻 😂  
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    greasemonkey reacted to burt in 28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...   
    28d02 - Product Tab System
    This allows shopowner to add a TAB content module.  Each Tab is then a Child module which displays relevant data...  
    Included Child Modules:  Gallery, Shipping, Conditions, Product URL
    More Child Modules to follow.  Basically any data can be put into a Child Module, so let me know your ideas.
    Core Code Changes:
    NONE.  System is 100% modular. 
    Look underneath the Buy Button for this:

    PM Me...
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    greasemonkey reacted to MrPhil in Are you ready for Brexit?   
    I've got my bucket of popcorn, my big-screen TV, and my easy-chair. I'm going to so enjoy watching pompous and snobbish Britain sleep walk right off the cliff into Third World status. Of course, the US is right behind you, also marching to Putin's orders. The winner in all this is Russia, who is breaking up Western democracy so their tanks can easily roll over Europe. The Tories and the Republicans are all traitors, who need to be put up against the wall and shot. Literally.
    I need another cup of coffee.
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    greasemonkey reacted to burt in 28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...   
    Thank You to the handful of good guys who felt able to take a chance on them getting some good modules and code without actually knowing what they'd get.  You are stars.  
    Each day in February I'll be adding in a new module/code. 
    Hit the "FOLLOW" button to be notified whenever I reply to this post.
    Demo site is running Bootstrap v4, but ALL 28d offerings will have BOTH a BSv4 version AND a BSv3 version.  If you are a very old version (eg Gold, or early somewhere in between Gold and Frozen), the BSv3 version is for you, but you'll get both in case you do ever update to the latest codebase.
    If you have general questions, or particular questions about each days offerings ... please post them here or PM me.
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    greasemonkey reacted to burt in Fake accounts   
    $bad_companies = array('google', 'apple'); if (in_array(strtolower($company), $bad_companies)) {   $error = true; } You can add more company names into the $bad_companies array.
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from Dan Cole in Failed to Decode Sessions Object and Cannot Modify Header Errors   
    Guess you’re happy I didn’t cut and paste all 30,000 lines???? 😂
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from burt in Frozen bug list   
    You found it @burt... thank you. And yes that explains it.
    I must have assumed Harald added it to the update but never actually did. And I have been using it for the past 18 months, not noticing he didn't...
    It's mentioned in his reply here that he was going to:
    That said.... I feel less like I'm losing my mind now.
    If interested in this fix (which I presume you won't be for this "official" release).... It has a minor, intermittent problem (which was the entire reason for this post).
    I believe I may have it sorted however will have to test more in my live store under traffic to see if it actually works.
  9. Thanks
    greasemonkey got a reaction from clustersolutions in 2.4 Series   
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from valquiria23 in Come together   
    For the greater good @burt @Gyakutsuki
    and even @frankl
    time to come together.
    thats all....
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from valquiria23 in Come together   
    For the greater good @burt @Gyakutsuki
    and even @frankl
    time to come together.
    thats all....
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from valquiria23 in Come together   
    For the greater good @burt @Gyakutsuki
    and even @frankl
    time to come together.
    thats all....
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from valquiria23 in RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS   
    Here you go @frankl
    Should work with any version of https://apps.oscommerce.com/m2hDP&rma-returns-system-for-osc2-3-4bs
    Just drop in files, navigate to admin -> modules -> dashboard then + Install Modules in the top right corner and install the Returns Modules.
    Installs a dashboard module displaying a list of the 6 most recently modified returns on admin/index.php.
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    greasemonkey reacted to Tsimi in Is it worth donating and becomming an ambassador   
    Sorry but that is not a valid reason.
    I would never choose a cart system because their forum software is up to date. I rather have an old(er) forum software but the latest and greatest osC system regularly updated and taking care of.
    Yes he indeed did but once again nothing happened. Not sure what his time frame or deadline is since he does not communicate it.
    Regular updates to the project. Showing up in the forum from time to time, in short(er) intervals. As Ambassador besides getting a larger message inbox upgrade maybe a few more perks like editing your own posts even past 15min.
    The money should go into the development of the osC cart system. Meaning you pay the coders or team members for their work to keep them motivated. Could be also achieved with a better Market place where paid apps could be sold and osC could take a certain % from the sold apps. With that they could finance whatever they need and offer good, professional apps with support.
    I really don't want to sound like a broken record but the issues are all still there and nothing has changed. Maybe Harald got fed up with us after his last visit but what did he expect? Flowers and a pad on the shoulder for neglecting this project? We offered help and a temporary solution to keep osC somewhat alive, it has been denied.
    I don't care if I can now show 50 different smileys or only 10. Merging the forums should not be his priority and if there is a big picture behind all this then he should simply communicate it on a regular basis.
    Regarding donating money, I mean if someone feels that giving money as a sign of appreciation then sure go ahead. But if you expect to get something more because you become ambassador or the project development moves faster forward then you are mistaken. A simple "thank you" as Steve just posted will also suffice especially if it comes from someone that is daily here giving help and support in the forum to others for free.
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from burt in ipv6 Support   
    Perfect.... that is making sense.
    It seems the max character length for ipv6 is 39 - so I'm testing at varchar(128) and it seems to be working perfectly on all ipv6 IP's.
  16. Thanks
    greasemonkey reacted to burt in Frozen   
    There will be no further Code Changes.
    Issues will be immediately closed.
    What is broken, stays broken. PRs will be immediately closed.
    What is now there, is there. Thank You to all Shopowners and Developers who have supported the Project in the last 4 and a bit years. 
    Personal Thanks go out to all those Shopowners who were able to support my 28d bits and pieces for 3 of those 4 years - it is you guys who have made it possible for the hundreds of other Shopowners to continue using osCommerce.  A big Thank You and  from me, I will not leave you guys high and dry - you have my support always, we are a Band Of Brothers.
  17. Haha
    greasemonkey reacted to clustersolutions in V3 $rick_astley $never_gonna_give_you_up   
    LOL...just found this...
    My kid's favorite, too.
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    greasemonkey reacted to burt in Upgrade, or change cart?   
    Time to fight back?
  19. Haha
    greasemonkey reacted to burt in Upgrade, or change cart?   
    Yeah but, we don't care about Shopowners.  We are developers, we live in a land of make believe made of 1's and 0's  
  20. Haha
    greasemonkey got a reaction from oscMarket in Upgrade, or change cart?   
    Plus 1
    Woulda saved me 15 mins last night. 
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    greasemonkey reacted to Antonio Garcia in Upgrade, or change cart?   
    First to all I DON'T want to create a kind of war "coders - shopowners",
    ... you (from my point of view) are not 'staff' as the rest of Team group (I don't want that someone from Team group be offended for my angry coments)
    ... and I only try to give you my personal feelings. May be today I see al grey... sorry for that!
    I try to recapitulate the complains that I read in the forum from the past (mainly I agree with it):
    - osCom 3 0 => almost done, not complete. A lot of work by coders made with no reward to him. This code is dead from years... ... & no interest from shop-owners because they don't know how upgrade and don't know if it works well. So I see that there are 'code for fun' (good, of course!). The time tell that almost nobody use it (a better code, but...). It seems as someone made a spaceship without ladder...

    - osCom 2.4 => first attemp, later abandoned, latter again coding... but also people tell that's it's incomplete (burt ask for your 'products class', and another talk that attributes is not finished). Of course, NO compatibility with previous versions, no clear way to update. How many contributions are made for 2.4???  It seems that coders don't care because OR no interest for shop-owners (2.4 is good, the 'future', no?) OR simply don't have fun doing it. Again a beautifull castle where people outide can't enter into it.

    osCom 2.3.4BS => made with a lot of work / time / discussion made by some TEAM members involved (and a lot of good people, trying help) and then? This it's not in a prominent place where be easy be donwloaded. I can't add the famous 'big button' to the index.php of oscommerce.com. Only I can it put in my signature... As I said, people download a WRONG package, later problems and people like you (or some volunteers, thanks BrockleyJohn & others) need to remain a million of times that the 'official' was good some years ago but today is not the right version. Do you think that 'The staff' respect the work made by burt, you and a few more people (both of you from Team group)? Can you imagine the 'current' version of woocommerce only available in the signature of some users?
    Can you find (good/comprensible) documentation about 3.0, 2.4 or even 2.3 series here? Do you think that, if there are almos NO information how oscommerce works is because shop-owners don't need or may be because after 'complete' the code, "there is no need to create a documentation" that explain the changes? Even new coders need it. A place where see it whitout the obligation to be a kind of ninja searching for forums or criptic links in oscommerce...
    The problem is Halard? It seems that he left us Valentine's Day... With no promise about 'resurection' or return for the 'end of times'... He asked for "osCommerce Ambassador for life", a few tried to help (we 'like' oscommerce)... and then? No parties, no a single message telling that I earn a free holiday trip in Laponia, etc. I only want / hope he is well without problems. I only would like to ask Harald tell you or burt or the others, "I want let my empire to the best". If not, we will stand here (or left 'our house' for a lot of time) feelling a little confused.

    The problem is the Team group? Where I can find what is the coordination between team group? How many are active? Can you tell me when / how many times you meet? What was the last time? What is the matters that you agree? I know that some will be discret/secret but the rest of us are waiting for the next steep. I can see if ubuntu will do this or that, or wordpress will implement in next version X a page editor, or Magento will add in next update 1000 new php files to print a single 'Hello Word'. Where I can read something like that in oscommerce? Why not a clear roadmap?
    Are you agree with next Burt comment?
    I agree with it, but I feeel a litle disilusioned because this comment comes from the Team of this... Now, time to goto window and see the sunset...
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from Tsimi in Change Content Module Sort Order on Viewport   
    Thank you Antonio. The description on column ordering is ridiculously undocumented on the bootstrap site. The total documentation is:
    ****Easily change the order of our built-in grid columns with .col-md-push-* and .col-md-pull-* modifier classes.***
    I have figured it out however - the issue has nothing to do with the sort order config built in OsC - although the sort order config allows you to give a starting point.
    The missing part bootstrap should "re"-emphasize is: you cannot re-order columns on smaller screen - you MUST re-order for larger screens (yes I know... bootstrap is "mobile first"... and therefore should have realized my error... a quick google search however I quickly realized I'm, by far, not the only person who missed this critical part).
    So, use the config sort order to order your columns on smaller screens - THEN use the push/pull features to re-order your columns for larger screens.
    So - on xs screens:
    [500] with col-sm-4 col-sm-push-8
    [501] with col-sm-8 col-sm-pull-4
    BUT on screens sm and larger would become
    [501] with col-sm-8 col-sm-pull-4 [500] with col-sm-4 col-sm-push-8
    Exactly what I'm looking for!
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    greasemonkey got a reaction from ArtcoInc in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    Just trying to present a shop owners opinion here............
    And as a shop owner, there are options when it comes to ecom platforms:
    Shopify - fantastic, built ready to go.... any addon you can image.... BUT you will be nickle and dimed TO DEATH - mostly by shopify and their per-transaction fees Magnito - you better no what you are doing BigCommerce - see shopify On, and on and on.....
    Unfortunately, the easy to use, ready to go, out of the box platforms - are essential pyramid schemes. Where you are signing up for life and pay a per-transaction fee - the more successful you are the more successful they are. And I for one, would not have been able to scale our business into multi million dollar ecom business - without an open source platform like OsC.
    That doesn't mean FREE.... I would be willing (and have) to pay for ANY (almost all) addons - as long as I don't have to sign up for life to a per-transaction fee.
    The good news - I beleive the community is going the right direction...
    Just remember, PROGRAMMERS (please take note), for OsC to survive it MUST present a better option than what is currently available and popular. And this means is: easy to use, ready to go, out of the box AND scale-able.
    To my last point - @wHiTeHaT I'm not smart enough to know if making product_listing modular would make any difference in the long run.... but as long as easy to use, ready to go, out of the box AND scale-able are there - I will be happy.
  24. Thanks
    greasemonkey got a reaction from Tsimi in Product Quantity Selection   
    @Tsimi that is nicer than the one I shared with him..... putting the attributes right in the product listing....
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    greasemonkey reacted to Tsimi in Product Quantity Selection   
    I found this attributes in product listing idea interesting and thought I give this a go and I think I got it more or less working.
    Be aware that the following is only showing on products within the category itself and not on the "New Products for..." listing. (content modules index and index_nested)
    This requires core code changes, (backup your files first!) and if someone wants to modularize this somehow then please go ahead but test this thoroughly before doing so. I didn't had the time to do a full bug hunt. Also this was coded and tested on an older verison of osC Edge (6. March 2018) which doesn't contain the modularized application top actions.
    First lets add a new action
    case 'cust_order' : if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && isset($_GET['pid'])) { if (tep_has_product_attributes($_GET['pid'])) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $_GET['pid'])); } else { $cart->add_cart($_GET['pid'], $cart->get_quantity($_GET['pid'])+1); } } tep_redirect(tep_href_link($goto, tep_get_all_get_params($parameters))); break; ADD AFTER
    // BOF Attributes in product listing and qty input field case 'buy_now_form' : if (isset($_POST['products_id'])) { $cart->add_cart($_POST['products_id'], $cart->get_quantity(tep_get_uprid($_POST['products_id'], $_POST['id']))+($_POST['cart_quantity']), $_POST['id']); } tep_redirect(tep_href_link($goto, tep_get_all_get_params($parameters))); break; // EOF Attributes in product listing and qty input field Inside the ../includes/modules/product_listing.php
    if (tep_not_null($extra_list_contents)) { $prod_list_contents .= ' <dl class="dl-horizontal list-group-item-text">'; $prod_list_contents .= $extra_list_contents; $prod_list_contents .= ' </dl>'; } ADD AFTER
    // BOF Attributes in product listing and qty input field $prod_list_contents .= '<form name="buy_now_' . $listing['products_id'] . '" method="post" action="' . tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=buy_now_form', 'NONSSL') . '">'; $product_info_query = tep_db_query("select p.products_id, pd.products_name, pd.products_description, p.products_model, p.products_quantity, p.products_image, pd.products_url, p.products_price, p.products_tax_class_id, p.products_date_added, p.products_date_available, p.manufacturers_id from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd where p.products_status = '1' and p.products_id = '" . $listing['products_id'] . "' and pd.products_id = p.products_id and pd.language_id = '" . $languages_id . "'"); $product_info = tep_db_fetch_array($product_info_query); $products_attributes_query = tep_db_query("select count(*) as total from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " popt, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " patrib where patrib.products_id='" . $listing['products_id'] . "' and patrib.options_id = popt.products_options_id and popt.language_id = '" . $languages_id . "'"); $products_attributes = tep_db_fetch_array($products_attributes_query); if ($products_attributes['total'] > 0) { $prod_list_contents .= '<div class="clearfix"></div>'; $products_options_name_query = tep_db_query("select distinct popt.products_options_id, popt.products_options_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " popt, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " patrib where patrib.products_id='" . $listing['products_id'] . "' and patrib.options_id = popt.products_options_id and popt.language_id = '" . $languages_id . "'"); while ($products_options_name = tep_db_fetch_array($products_options_name_query)) { $products_options_array = array(); $prod_list_contents .= '<label>' . $products_options_name['products_options_name'] . ':</label><br />'; $products_options_query = tep_db_query("select pov.products_options_values_id, pov.products_options_values_name, pa.options_values_price, pa.price_prefix from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " pa, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES . " pov where pa.products_id = '" . $listing['products_id'] . "' and pa.options_id = '" . $products_options_name['products_options_id'] . "' and pa.options_values_id = pov.products_options_values_id and pov.language_id = '" . $languages_id . "'"); while ($products_options = tep_db_fetch_array($products_options_query)) { $products_options_array[] = array('id' => $products_options['products_options_values_id'], 'text' => $products_options['products_options_values_name']); if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '0') { $products_options_array[sizeof($products_options_array)-1]['text'] .= ' (' . $products_options['price_prefix'] . $currencies->display_price($products_options['options_values_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])) .') '; } } $prod_list_contents .= tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id[' . $products_options_name['products_options_id'] . ']', $products_options_array, $cart->contents[$_GET['products_id']]['attributes'][$products_options_name['products_options_id']], 'style="width: 250px;"'). '<br />'; } } $prod_list_contents .= '<div class="text-right">'; $prod_list_contents .= '<label>Quantity</label>&nbsp;' . tep_draw_input_field('cart_quantity', 1, 'style="width:70px;text-align:center;"'); $prod_list_contents .= '</div>'; // EOF Attributes in product listing and qty input field FIND
    $prod_list_contents .= tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_BUY_NOW, 'fa fa-shopping-cart', tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=buy_now&products_id=' . (int)$listing['products_id']), NULL, array('params' => 'data-has-attributes="' . ((tep_has_product_attributes((int)$listing['products_id']) === true) ? '1' : '0') . '" data-in-stock="' . (int)$listing['in_stock'] . '" data-product-id="' . (int)$listing['products_id'] . '"'), 'btn-success btn-product-listing btn-buy'); REPLACE WITH
    // BOF Attributes in product listing and qty input field $prod_list_contents .= tep_draw_hidden_field('products_id', $listing['products_id']) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_BUY_NOW, 'fa fa-shopping-cart'); $prod_list_contents .= '</form>'; // EOF Attributes in product listing and qty input field That's it.
    Again this was just quickly put together using an old add-on as template so test this thoroughly before using on a live shop.
    And this is how it should look like.