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  1. Interesting...
  2. I'm guessing he nuked it himself as it just turned into more of the same....
  3. @puggybelle glad it worked... gotta put the warning out there again. Do not run that quick script on a live database without first testing it on a dummy db. As for moving to SSL across the entire site... read this thread. i did the same about a year back base on the info found in there
  4. @puggybelle as frank said test on a dummy db.... if you are just looking to run a query in phpmyadmin you could try something like update table_name set field_name = replace( field_name, 'original text', 'replacement text');
  5. @kymation thanks Jim.... it would seem I had a senior moment. Somehow I left FILENAME_STORE_LOGO... when I replaced the file straight from github the transfer failed and I didn't notice.
  6. the code is copied off github Or do you mean you don't experience the problem in your fresh copy?
  7. Anyone have a clean brand new version of responsive they could quickly test for a bug? From the admin just try and upload/save a NEW logo.... brow When I do so I'm being returned to: admin/FILENAME_STORE_LOGO?action=save obviously not a good URL since filename has been removed. Looking at the code in admin/store_logo.php I do see a reference to filename if ($store_logo->parse()) { if ($store_logo->save()) { $messageStack->add_session(SUCCESS_LOGO_UPDATED, 'success'); tep_db_query("update configuration set configuration_value = '" . tep_db_input($store_logo->filename) . "' where configuration_value = '" . STORE_LOGO . "'"); } else { $error = true; } } else { $error = true; }
  8. Have a look at this thread... I never had a chance to make this into an addon... but all the info is there
  9. I believe Gary had been working on a Mailchimp/Mandrill commercial addon.... @burt I remember testing it when you where working on it... did you finish it?
  10. Sorry yes that was a typo from my phone... try tep_db_fetch_array
  11. @Dan Cole im not sure if this is the exact purpose of your post, however, have you ever check to make sure your Server IP/s haven't been blacklisted? There are several free services that will monitor against all popular blacklists - and it only takes 1 listing to get you kicked into most spam filters. I use mxtoolbox On one of my old hosts the ip's they assigned (which had been recycled) ... the previous owner had been black listed like crazy - I inherited those black listings with the ip's. This becomes an even bigger issue with shared hosting.... where many are sharing the IP's and one person/site can land a bunch in trouble.
  12. There are built in functions for all mysqli calls... Without looking for more than a second from my phone you could try changing to from myslq_fetch_assoc to tep_fetch_array
  13. @kennyk yes I looked at them... however they do not intergrate with the two key Canadian carriers - Canada Post and Purolator.
  14. Maybe consider making all these pages modular for 2.3.5 (or even 2.4)???? just like checkout confirmation.
  15. It's free... no need to release as this is how OsC is designed out of the box. Of course there is definitely customization you can work on to clean up the 4 pages: shopping_cart, checkout_shipping, checkout_payment & checkout_confirmation