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  1. Ok looks like this is added with the configuration_shipping.sql for dimensional support.... How is your defind? LBS or KG? IN or CM?
  2. @Druid6900 ok.. this issue with the width... For some reason we have (lines 412 to 414) $weight = $this->item_weight[$index]; $price = round($this->item_price[$index],2); $width = $this->item_weight[$index]; Notice line 414 $width = is referencing item_weight This should be $weight = $this->item_weight[$index]; $price = round($this->item_price[$index],2); $width = $this->item_width[$index]; Still looking at the weight issue... trying to find where LBS and IN defined in admin (I don't think it is). if($this->unit_weight == 'LBS') { //change to kilograms $weight = round($weight/2.2,3); } if($this->unit_length == 'IN') { //change to centimeters $width = round($width * 2.54,1); $height = round($height * 2.54,1); $length = round($length * 2.54,1); }
  3. @Druid6900 Can you PM me your /includes/modules/shipping/canadapost.php file....
  4. Just getting use to the new look/feel. Not sure anyone else cares.... but I would love to have a "back to top" widget
  5. @druid6900 ok... i think I have found the issue with the weight - on US it is rounding values less than 1kg to 1 here: // Add box or item to shipment list. Round weights to 1 decimal places. if ((float)$weight < 1.0) { $weight = 1; } else { $weight = round($weight, 3); } // Add box or item to shipment list. Round weights to 1 decimal places. if ((float)$weight < 1.0) { $weight = 1; } else { $weight = round($weight, 3); } From the added comment it seems the author was intending to round the weight figure - which I don't believe is necessary (unless you are entering weights with multiple decimals places.... Try deleting the above lines and retest (works for me).
  6. Ok @@Druid6900 have you follow the instructions in the included file install_dimensional_support.txt? Including the DB changes to your configuration table? The instructions are very detailed....
  7. @@Druid6900 if the tables are the exact same name..., yes they may be overwritten. Let me look a little closer... I'll get back soon.
  8. @@Druid6900 Again, I'm not that familiar with this addon - you may want to find the support thread for the UPS XML - there are probably more people with dimensional support install questions there... That said, if you have dimensions in your database already.... then you shouldn't have too. So the questions becomes... where did the tables with dimensions that you have come from? If you have installed another addon that adds dimensions to your database then the code would probably be pointing to the wrong table.
  9. @@Druid6900 ok it looks like we have the issue (not the solution however). Your request is not sending dimensions - I presume you have made some changes to your site for dimensional support? The original author of this module did build this feature in... but did not include instructions on how to use it.... and it is not something i have ever used or are familiar with. From the code in the module: if (($this->dimensions_support>0) && ($width>0) && ($height>0) && ($length>0)) { $xmlRequest .= "<dimensions><length>$length</length> <width>$width</width> <height>$height</height> </dimensions>"; Basically says... if dimensional support is "there (greater than 0)" then add the the dimensions.... So... you need to find out why that is not working.... If I recall the original author used the code from this module And there are instructions on how to install dimensional support.
  10. @@Druid6900 I did some checking this morning... and replied to your post at the CP developers forum. I found some slight differences in the quotes (but very minor). We should probably keep this convo there (at CP).... until such time we can confirm any issue you are having is with the module (at not CP). I will watch for their reply's. Keep in mind... CP will require both the request and the reply to help. You need to un-comment both pieces of code (as suggested above) and then... the best way to see the request and reply is from "view source" in your browser. If you have a specific quote that you can replicate where there is a huge difference as suggested above... Give them both the request and reply. So far in my testing all seems ok...
  11. @@Druid6900 can you PM me the zip in California you are working with? I'll do some checking.. Also what province are you in?
  12. @@Druid6900 looks like this is all solved. For everyone else - Small Packet Air and Tracked Package to the USA require the Insurance option in the admin to be set to false.
  13. No... I'll look this aft.
  14. @@Druid6900 I have replied to your post on the CP developers forum... I can't figure it out - but have supplied the XML request and response It is easy to create BTW.... in canadapost.php just "un" comment // print_r($aryProducts); And //echo $xmlRequest;
  15. @@Druid6900 I don't use small packet or tracked package to the US any longer.... but on a quick look small package is not returning rates (if I recall tracked package was not an option last I looked at it). I'll see what I can dig up. In the mean while you can always set up a flat rate to the US with a weight restriction.