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  1. Spent an hour on the phone to the adwords people - great service and they gave me some great tips - now converting even more :)

    1. greasemonkey


      Have you tried FB yet? I can't get anyone on the phone for the life of me... But the cost of conversion is OMG so much less than G

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  2. Article on why shoppers abandon carts; http://poachit-tips.tumblr.com/post/56438230862/4-reasons-why-you-didnt-just-buy-that?utm_source=taboola . 2&3 you can't do much about, but 1 (sticker shock on taxes & shipping) & 4 (coupons) you might.

    1. greasemonkey


      Very interesting article. Always new the number 1 reason for cart abandonment was shipping. But, I never considered the discount code box as reason...

  3. Log In with PayPal has been added to the demo site! http://demo.oscommerce.com/login.php - check it out with a sandbox account. This will be added to the next release!