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  1. greasemonkey

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    @Harald Ponce de Leon cough cough
  2. greasemonkey

    Implementing Cloudflare CDN

    Super easy.... but nothing really to do with OsC. If I recall - you just add your domain to Cloudflare and change your nameservers at your host to those supplied by CF....
  3. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

    Ok all reading this - Please confirm you’ve had to whitelist your domain? As I understand it... whitelisting may not have been “required”... but haven’t seen an install yet where it worked WITHOUT whitelisting
  4. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

    @LeeFoster 👍👍 I sent you a test msg
  5. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

    Just making our PM discussion public.... @LeeFoster FB page ID is correct.... Check the sort order to see if there is a conflict. Lee.... what is your sort order for this header tag? if not 0 please change to 0 and retest.... Quickly looking - do you have a login modal in your head? It has an error.... Maybe try and inactivate it....
  6. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

    @LeeFoster it looks like your page id is not correct.... Use there to find it: https://findmyfbid.com/
  7. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

    @LeeFoster I sent you a PM.
  8. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

  9. greasemonkey

    Facebook Messenger Chat Box Addon

    @LeeFoster Have you whitelisted your domain?
  10. I've developed a neat little header tag module that drops a Facebook messenger chat box into your site - so much easier than trying to get one of the live chat addons to work and its free. Connects to your Facebook (business) Page simply. I've tried it on EDGE and PHOENIX and it works perfectly (I'm sure it will work on any version... but haven't tested it). Configurable to have the chat box open on load or not (showing the Facebook Messenger Icon only). The only thing you need is your Facebook Page ID which can be found with following instructions: To find your Page ID: From News Feed, click Pages in the left side menu. Click your Page name to go to your Page. Click About in the left column. If you don't see About in the left column, click See More Scroll down to find your Page ID below More Info. Quick Edit - some need to whitelist their domains within their Facebook page: Click Settings at the top of your Page Click Messenger Platform on the left Edit whitelisted domains for your page in the Whitelisted Domains section Screencap attached Addon found here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&e18Iy&facebook-messenger-chat-box-addon
  11. @BrockleyJohn lol.... other than me not finding this one when I searched a few days ago.... it doesn't look like it. Would have saved me a few hours.... Mine would be dramatically "simplified" (that is a polite way of saying basic). I haven't tried it on Phoenix yet... but don't see why it wouldn't. My version does not include the badge output....
  12. If anyone is interested I've created a Google Customer Review Opt-in checkout success module. https://support.google.com/merchants/topic/7095697... In particular very helpful to add customer ratings to your Google shopping ads. Notes: 1) Google does not display the review opt-in to every customer 2) You need more than 100 independent Google reviews before G will even show the Opt-in 3) A Google Merchant Center ID is required https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&tEV57&google-customer-review-optin-content-mod
  13. Like I said, it’s your time. Correct me if I’m wrong, however it’s only running on PHP 7 because of the 2.3.4“.1” hotfix that suppresses the errors. My point is.... it is not, and won’t ever be again, under development and is essential un-changed in the past 8 years. Should you scroll down just a few inches before you took the screen cap you can see the activity developed CE - which I know you’ve wrote several addons for. It just doesn’t make sense to me... “but as you were”.
  14. I mean no disrespect - but gotta ask why waste your time (it is your time to waste)? It’s still won’t run without modification on newer versions of PHP and there is an available alternative already done that is being actively developed. It’s right here in the downloads page...just like everyone always wanted... sanctioned by HPDL. https://www.oscommerce.com/Products
  15. Hey all, I deal with a lot of vendors using Shopify... I typically do not place orders with these vendors on their websites by adding products to a cart and checking out. I send them a Purchase Order from our Inventory Management system. Some of these vendors then do a manual order (from my PO) on their site and then send an email link to "Complete you Order". No login necessary.... just straight to a payment page where I enter credit card info, ApplePay or PayPal and confirm. It strikes me as a better way to deal with telephone orders. As is now.... there is no way for: 1) a customer to take responsibility for the items within their order (example: "I" told you I wanted widget123... and you sent me widget456.... even though we know they asked for widget123) and 2) for a customer to use PayPal as a payment method. @burt your "key" system - could it be used to make a set a key content modules that mimic checkout_shipping, payment, confirmation & success? It would have to be combined with some kind of manual order maker (I know there are several)..... Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? How do you handle phone orders?