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  1. Free shipping with other options

    No problem. The zone stuf you added really isn’t required - that can be handled by setting up and associating the module with a tax zone.
  2. Native iOS and Andriod App and OsC API

    Nice to see what you are working on in your “spare” time. Thanks kindly. I’ll have a look to see if I have any hope of understanding.
  3. Free shipping with other options

    What version are you using?
  4. Free shipping with other options

    This is relatively easy to accomplish with a $0.00 flat rate module. Take the flat rate module - and make a "new" copy of the module and language file - calling (for example "free"), editing the language file to however you wish it to display... And add something like: if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($order->info['subtotal'] < 30) ) { $this->enabled = false; return; } Which would make this module active over $30 - while giving your customer the option to continue with any other of your normal, paid, shipping modules. There are several in the addons/app area, however they are hard to find.
  5. Native iOS and Andriod App and OsC API

    I think the biggest part of the project will be the API - it would seem there is nothing "out of the box".... so it will have to be built. I've seen a couple commercially, however they are "pay to play" in the same way the PWA apps are. Go over your "X" number of requests and Pay more! It would seem there are already built, commercial extensions for Siberian & Woocom and OpenCart. They're not super cheep, however are cheap enough they could be used as a template for an OsC extension....
  6. Hey all, not exactly sure where this fits in the forum... I have been doing some research on extending our store to a Native IOS and Android app. Any one out there ever accomplish such a thing? I see there are several pay to play companies out there offering PWA type apps to extend most carts, including OsC. However, I'm really not a big fan of these pay to play... so I was looking to host something of our own. I've been jotting down notes on how this could accomplished - it will be way beyond my very basic skills, so I'm really just looking for any input or advice on my research. I'm currently leaning toward Siberian CMS - a free (for single store) Open Source self hosted software - below are my basic notes: Siberian cms App for iOS and Android Needs List API bridge to deliver customer, order and product data to/from OsC DB (needs to be built if not available commercially) Payment modules - including PayPal and stripe with Apple Pay (looks available) Extend to get Shipping modules/quotes from OsC (needs to be built) Features List Search function Category listing Discount module (need to get from OsC/API) Gift card payment (??? maybe not) Images (get from OsC/API- kiss) Title (get from OsC/API) Description (incl tabbed content - get from OsC/API) Pricing (incl qpbpp & sppc - get from OsC/API) Logo (get from OsC/API) Other basic Functionality Orders need to be pushed back to OsC via API Must have shared login Would be great if they could share saved shopping cart & wishlists?
  7. 👍 I’ve always hated the progress bar buttons - and have messed with them over the years... like the bar much better @raiwa good for your modular checkout maybe?
  8. Oooh, is this using BSv4? Or can it be back ported?
  9. Updating currencies with fixer not working anymore?

    I've been using "https://free.currencyconverterapi.com/api/v5/convert?q={$from}_{$to}&compact=ultra"); Not sure it would be the right thing for your build... but it does work... however.....
  10. Paypal not registering Customer Name

    Seems to be working for me as well....
  11. Frozen

    Onwards and Upwards
  12. Upgrade, or change cart?

    I hate to agree with this out loud... But I too as a shopowner have used many number of these $hitty addons.... why, despite the poor execution, the "idea" was good. And some of those same good ideas have now been turned into well coded modular addons that do now fit the current "community" modular ethos (of no core changes). The point is that yes, OsC has 7,000 addons... and many (most) of those 7,000 addon are not well coded. HOWEVER, as a shopowner there are maybe 4,000 or 5,000 GREAT ideas! This is a great resource! And the ideas that have NOT yet been rework into modular addons hopeful now will - to work with the next versions and app store. As a secondary point, almost all those same ideas have now been used, and reworked, into addons for Shopify.... See where I'm going with this? The great resource OsC has provided the ecom world, has been used against OsC to now dominate the world.... it is sad, but true.
  13. Upgrade, or change cart?

    Plus 1 Woulda saved me 15 mins last night.
  14. As a secondary solution - which actually works a little better (if you are using any column wrap built into bootstrap) is to re-order via javascript. So, I extended the main div class for the descriptions and price templates... and then add to the price template: <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?> description"> <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?> price"> <script> var wasMobile = true; $(document).ready(function moveColumn() { if ($(window).innerWidth() < 767 && wasMobile) { $('.description').detach().insertAfter('.price'); wasMobile = true; } }) $(window).on('resize', moveColumn); moveColumn(); </script>
  15. Thank you Antonio. The description on column ordering is ridiculously undocumented on the bootstrap site. The total documentation is: ****Easily change the order of our built-in grid columns with .col-md-push-* and .col-md-pull-* modifier classes.*** I have figured it out however - the issue has nothing to do with the sort order config built in OsC - although the sort order config allows you to give a starting point. The missing part bootstrap should "re"-emphasize is: you cannot re-order columns on smaller screen - you MUST re-order for larger screens (yes I know... bootstrap is "mobile first"... and therefore should have realized my error... a quick google search however I quickly realized I'm, by far, not the only person who missed this critical part). So, use the config sort order to order your columns on smaller screens - THEN use the push/pull features to re-order your columns for larger screens. So - on xs screens: [500] with col-sm-4 col-sm-push-8 [501] with col-sm-8 col-sm-pull-4 BUT on screens sm and larger would become [501] with col-sm-8 col-sm-pull-4 [500] with col-sm-4 col-sm-push-8 Exactly what I'm looking for!