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  1. Lets compare configurations... Here is what I have: Status: Live Checkout Flow: In-context .....Next three are buttons configs.... I'm sure won't be the issue PayPal Account Optional: True Instant Update: Disabled .... The rest shouldn't matter for this issue.
  2. I'm not sure if having 2 sites with the same credentials would cause conflicts.... probably tho... Why not have your test site on sandbox credentials and your live store on live credentials? I'm not sure @Harald Ponce de Leon ever updated the apps section with 5.018 - That said I think the changes from 5.010 to 5.018 where minor (styling). Again, why not use the auto update feature of the PayPal app.... it is truly one of the best features (I still have always taken a file and db back up before updating). In your admin go to paypal ->configure In the top right corner what is the version (you never said)? If under 5.018 you should see an update button/link (I believe it may look for an SSL if I recall).... click the link and it will update.... Read through the following 2 threads.... all details are there:
  3. Why not use the automatic update?
  4. @Portman I presume you are using the PayPal app? if so - this was fixed in version 5.018 I believe.
  5. canada.post.rest.rate.service.oscommerce.V2.3

    Yes, small packet air will not show with a weight of 1.364.... (has a max of 1.0 kg - see below note about lbs/kg) Double check in your admin -> Configurations -> Shipping/Packaging -> Package Tare Weight.... Should be blank or 0. If I recall the lbs/kg config in the current version did not work (and cannot work - as Canada Post only accepts kg... so no matter the number sent CP see's it as kg). I had been working on a new version to fix a bunch of other bugs where I have removed lbs as an option. Please confirm (once you have checked the tare weight): edit one product from your store to a weight of 1 - then add that same item to your cart (so it is the only item in your cart) and navigate to checkout_shipping.php. What number shows when you "echo" the weight (still 1.364)? Triple check by changing config in shipping module from lbs to kg.
  6. canada.post.rest.rate.service.oscommerce.V2.3

    It would show before everything - most likely in the top left corner. As an weird, out of place number
  7. canada.post.rest.rate.service.oscommerce.V2.3

    in includes/modules/shipping/canadapost.php Find return $xmlRequest; And just above "as a test" add echo $weight; What is the weight printed to the screen?
  8. canada.post.rest.rate.service.oscommerce.V2.3

    @luvubeauty just so I understand.... Small Packet is “not” showing up? And you have it allowed in the config? Can you tell me the weight of one of you items? Small Packet Air (and tracked package) has a max of 1 kg.
  9. canada.post.rest.rate.service.oscommerce.V2.3

    Why not just “dis-allow” the service in the modules configuration? (side note: I believe the insurance issue was related to the Tracked Package service)
  10. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    Hmmm... maybe I missed something... with the column left at col-md-2 and body-content at col-md-7 (total 9).... it seems small. What is the benefit?
  11. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    Got it.... yes that works....
  12. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    That collapses the panel on every page load. Would be better to keep the panel open while still on (example) customers.php
  13. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    Seems to work just fine... any particular place it should go? I've added it just before: $('#adminAppMenu').on('shown.bs.collapse', '.panel-collapse', function() {
  14. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    Looking good.... Very small issue best way is to explain it: Navigate from index to Customers - then Customers... So customer panel is now open at customers.php.... Then Click the OsC logo to navigate back to index. The customer panel remains open - it should close.