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  1. Hello, did anyone ever figure this out ? I am getting the same error on the same page after installing the same code etc .. etc ... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/dornboss/public_html/store/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php on line 508 I have the curly braces in place at the line no extra lines no white space I can find etc .... all worked fine till installed AOF Mod I have looked through the code a few times and still cannot find the error this is the last lines of my code where I get the error return $this->content_type; } function unserialize($broken) { for(reset($broken);$kv=each($broken);) { $key=$kv['key']; if (gettype($this->$key)!="user function") $this->$key=$kv['value']; } } } ?> Anyone have a clue as to the cause ?