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  1. kn1ght

    Using payment gateway in MS1

    anyone? :'(
  2. kn1ght

    Using payment gateway in MS1

    as topic said, is it ok to use any payment gateway in MS1 release based on security wise? It is too much work upgrading from MS1 to MS2, unless someone has a better way without having to install all the modules all over again.
  3. finally!! I've been asking to implement a search function on the contribution list, but they seem haven't done it. this will do for now, thanks alot!
  4. I installed the contribution yesterday with no errors at the first time, but today, I got this message at the end of every page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_parse_category_path() in /home/virtual/site222/fst/var/www/html/includes/functions/user_tracking.php on line 47 relates to this: $cPath_array = tep_parse_category_path($cPath);
  5. Greg, I still got the HEADING_TITLE, even though I moved the code to the footer.php Am I missing something here?
  6. kn1ght

    Order Update Tool v.1.3.1

    This would be very helpful, so far the contributions seems half finished.
  7. Is this changeable? I tried (California): and gives me error Warning: Safe Mode: Cannot set environment variable 'CA' - it's not in the allowed list in /home/virtual/site222/fst/var/www/html/admins/user_tracking.php on line 22
  8. kn1ght

    [Contribution] Extraship version2.0

    Oh and how do you change from kg's to lbs?
  9. kn1ght

    [Contribution] Extraship version2.0

    I got this error message: Warning: Division by zero in /home/virtual/site17/fst/var/www/html/includes/modules/shipping/extraship.php on line 193 this is the setting on admin: Extraship Rate Enable Extraship Rate Shipping 1 Handling Fee 0 My Country Area 1 91000;1,1 My Country Area 2 91000;1,1 International Zones 1 US,CA;4,1 Other International Zones OTHER;4,3 Any ideas?