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  1. Hello Robert!


    Many thanks for this great contrib. Seems to work fine.


    I install the contrib and upload the german conversion-pack. Now the design from my shop changed. The german conversion-pack is loaded above the shop layout so the shop moved down on the side. Where can I set that the conversion pack is loaded at another place?


    I hope you know what I mean. Else I can sent you a screenshot.


    Many thanks!

  2. Hi Everybody!


    I found your contrib after a long search and I think this is the module I need. I must "configure" the code for my shop but I`m no php-crack. So I hope, that anybody can help me.


    I have different categorys in my shop. So there is for example Rubbers and Blades. Also I want to have different discounts.


    1.) Anybody takes 3 or more SAME rubbers, we call it rubber A, into the shopping card => 25% discount.

    2.) Anybody takes 2 rubber A and 1 rubber B into the shopping card => 0% discount.

    3.) Anybody takes 3 rubber A and 1 or 2 rubber B into the shopping card => 25% discount on rubber A, 0% on rubber B

    4.) Anybody takes 10 different rubbers into shopping card => 30% discount

    5.) same as 4.) but there are 3 or more same rubber A => 30% discount

    6.) The price in the shopping card is over 50EUR => 5%, over 75EUR => 10%, over 150EUR => 15%

    7.) If 1.) or 3.) or 4.) or 5.) but there is also 6.) then the discount for the products from 1.), 3.), 4.), 5.) is 25%/30% and for the rest of the products is 5%/10%/15% (6.))


    I hope, that you understand what I mean!


    Is this possible with this contrib? Or is there an other contrib which I can use?


    Best regards