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  1. monkeysteez

    How to display custom fields

    I am also having this same issue. I am trying to add length height width. I have added the fields in MYSQL and added UPSXML so everything is setup, and I installed extra fields. The problem is that easy populate does not export product_id so I have to find this manually. Also the whole vertical thing just makes it a mess. I have almost 3000 products and this is not looking good. I was so excited use the UPSXML dimension feature but now I might not be able to.
  2. Simple question, the key, username and password are required. I don't actually ship these items (our supplier does) so I am wondering if I can use UPSXML without actually having a key? We want dimension support. Is there anyway to get around this? Should I just get the key and username and password and tell UPSXML where to ship from? Thanks in advance!
  3. monkeysteez

    UPS Shipping Rate Issue

    Hello, I am currently setting up a website to take online orders for a certain type of equipment. I went to a competitors site, who's business is structured almost EXACTLY the same as ours. We ship direct from the same supplier to the customer's door, so shipping rates should be identical. We both use oscommerce with the UPS shipping module. My site is http://www.surplushydro.com and the competitors is http://www.horticulturesource.com/ and when I put the identical items in the carts their shipping prices are usually higher, especially when there are more items in the cart and heavier items. As a business owner I want to do nothing less than shoot myself in the foot over shipping. I would like to model our estimated shipping structure after the competitors. What can I change to fix this problem. Again it is almost only when there are MORE THAN ONE PRODUCTS IN THE CART and the issue gets really bad when THERE ARE HEAVIER ITEMS IN THE CART. I have already added a handling charge and raised the "Larger packages - percentage increase." as high as it will go - maxes out at 12% and will not let me go any higher. I have also stated that average package tare weight is 10 lbs. Sorry for the caps just wanted to stress that part. Thanks in advance!