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  1. I am trying to set up a webshop for customizable clothing and am extremely inspired by having discovered osC! I am trying to realize a site with the nature like this one: http://www.tailorstore.co.uk/tailor-made-shirts In order to realize this, I would like to store additional information of a customer, i.e. their sizes (neck, waist, collar, sleevelength) in their record. Is there a way to add additional information besides address and e-mail addres when they create an account (or later). I would not like to store this type of information in each product. Besides the sizes I would also like to offer the possibility to the customer to personalize certain options on the clothing, like number of buttons or type of collar, for each ordered procuct. Can this be realized? Final question: Is there a way to add this described required information, or attributes or features in general, to the invoice or some other form of printable overview of the order? I would like to mail all details (sizes, prefered colours of the ordered product) to the manufacturer and have it manufactured personalized and correct. Thanks for all you answers and help!