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  1. skardos

    Products Attributes Sort v1.0

    I've installed this mod and its working fine, mostly. I have a somewhat annoying issue: I am unable to add the sort order number when I assign an attribute to a product. I am able to enter a number in the 'sort order number' box but it doesn't "stick". The same thing is occurring with the "Value Price" attribute. I have to assign the attribute and then I have to go through the 'edit' option to assign the sort order number and the value price. Is this normal or does it needs fixing? If it needs a fix, can someone help? Also has anyone used this mod with Easy Populate? Thank you in advance. :thumbsup: Steve
  2. Hello Sam, As always, thank you very much for the Add-on as well as your effort and patience with assisting those of us that are "script challenged". Upon your suggestion I am double (triple) checking my editing using the original file from OSC. During this process I found that your instructions state: The problem I've encountered is that $products_url = $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_url']; exists in two places in the original file: Line 388 and 604. Do I insert the Add-on script after both of those instances? If not then after which one? Your time, effort and most of all patience is greatly appreciated, Steve
  3. Hello Sam, Thank you for your help with the multiple instances of Image Height and Image Width. I installed the Total Configuration add-on which allowed me to remove the multiple instances. However, I think I messed something up because I applied the Bug Fix to Total Configuration AFTER I removed the multiple instances and I am now receiving the following error when I go to Admin > Tools > Total Configuration: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /public_html/catalog/admin/total_configuration.php on line 565 I have re-done the installation as well as applying the bug fix, neither if which fixed the above. In addition I noticed that I am receiving an error message when I go to Admin > Images: Additional Images: Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /public_html/catalog/admin/categories.php on line 883 Not sure if the two errors are related or not but I really need your help with these. Thank you in advance, Steve
  4. I love your contributions and I always choose yours above others. I just finished adding this little beauty to a new Commerce site that I am building for a friend. I ran into a little issue: the Admin > Images section now shows two instances of "Product Information Image Width" and "Product Information Image Height". Both instances of "Product Information Image Width" have a value of 100, while both instances of "Product Information Image Height" have no values. How do I go about fixing this issue? Thank You, Steve
  5. skardos

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Thanks for your super fast reply. Is "Admin > Configuration > oscThumb" the same as "Admin > Configuration > Thumbnails"? If so than the confusion is at my end. Maybe you can help me with this: Is there a place where I specify the number of thumbnails or how do I add multiple thumbnails. Much appreciated, Steve
  6. skardos

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Thank you for this awesome contribution. After installing and configuring oscThumb I am still having an issue I'm hoping that someone can help me with. I don't see Thumbnails, which according to the instructions supposed to be at Admin > Configuration > Thumbnails. I double and triple checked my work and I followed the instructions fine. I do have oscThumb, located at Admin > Configuration > oscThumb Note: This is brand new installation using osCommerce v2.2 RC2 with an older Template Monster template, which may be a contributing factor, but is much wanted. What am I doing wrong or what did I miss? Is there something that needs to be installed/configured first? If the template is the cause, is there a workaround/fix? Thank you in advance, Steve