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  1. marcinspooky

    One Page Checkout Support

    I tested on the demo and got this result: Checkout page -> screenshot Page order information (after make order) -> screenshot
  2. marcinspooky

    One Page Checkout Support

    Can someone tested the latest version of the module with charset latin2 (iso-8859-2)?
  3. marcinspooky

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi. I have a problem with charset in latin2. Installed version of the module One Page Checkout: 1.1 OsCommerce version installed on localhost: 2.2 I tried to set the charset (iso-8859-2 and utf-8) both in the mysql database and store (php). Unfortunately, when i download/write data to a mysql database using AJAX (e.g. adding a new address to the address book) displays now badly off-encoded text - "bush" (e.g. AóÅÄÅóÄÅÅ AóÅÄÅóÄÅÅ). It does not help also put a header tag ... header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8"); ... on checkout.php file or in the file includes/onepage_checkout.php. Please help. ps. sorry for my poor english ;)