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  1. sqaureblack


    OK - there is so much on this fourm that i can't understand wot is in this module. Can someone recap: How's it calculate payments etc, can it remember where people first clicked from etc... Also wot's still to be done and can it be used yet? Jeremy
  2. sqaureblack

    UK Small Parcels Rates

    I have First Class, Second Class, and Special Delivery modules, I could up date one for parcel post. Let me know jim@thebrays.co.uk Jeremy
  3. sqaureblack

    EasyPopulate 2.2 released!

    Do we really need one when tabs are in use? jeremy
  4. sqaureblack

    EasyPopulate 2.2 released!

    The HTML problem is also evident when exporting the file in the first place, the " makes excel go mad! Jeremy
  5. sqaureblack

    EasyPopulate 2.2 released!

    I had the same problem as above, but I've go another problem. Most of my product descriptions have html in them and where there is a set of " " or ' ' then it come out like <table width=颼%' border=Ɖ' cellspacing=Ɗ' cellpadding=ƈ' bordercolor='#CC3333'> which don't work! Any ideas? thanks Jeremy Bray :?:
  6. sqaureblack

    Worldpay Payment Module

    Is any one busy updateing the worldpay payment module for the checkout - i'm just installing osc and need it. Help? please! Jim Bray