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  1. Attention to detail & php basics 101... it was a blank line I'd managed to slip into the end of the admin/includes/application_top.php file. Removed that and the admin loaded fine...
  2. Thanks Jack_mcs... yes, using V 2.2d-7, I have the original file, uploaded it and the page is still blank...?
  3. Apparently I installed wrong, and so backed out the changes and replaced the files on the server... now when I go try to go to my Admin login page, I get a blank screen... any idea why that would be so? My server's configured so I can't see .htaccess files and so can't delete it... so I put up an empty .htaccess file instead, in case that matters... thanks for any help!
  4. Muonwar

    Can't Find Information Pages

    Got it... use /information.php?info_id=2 ... instead of information_id=2.
  5. Muonwar

    Can't Find Information Pages

    Ok, so I need to look for /information.php?information_id=2 (or whatever the id equals in info pages)... figured that out, but now can't get the page I created to load the text. Get "Sorry. Page Not Found.", so I'm doing something wrong. Any help? Thanks.
  6. Simple, stupid question: where do I find the pages I created using information pages unlimited in the Info Manager > information pages section? Data in database (page created: "Test"), no page... thanks!