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  1. jazzyrosez

    Year Make Model (YMM)

    I installed Year Make Model (YMM) add-on. It does not return any results. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. jazzyrosez

    Easy Populate and YMM contributions

    Jeff, What I am thinking is why would you need to add custome feilds? Tables are in a database using MySQL. You can have the two fields relate to each other. my SQL is rusted.. a base where table1.table = table2.table .
  3. ..a hunting I will go.

  4. jazzyrosez

    Removing default oscommerce gifs

    The best way to do this is read the manual to oscommerce .. search Press alt+f word to look for is "images" There it tells you how to edit images. The other way I did it.. is through alt+f look for the images themselves from the image folder(to get their names). Plus, a html editor helps alot.. just go through all the php. It is time consume but it works.