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    i have the cc.php, cod.php, paypay_standard.php files as shown in the image i did not do anything before at 30/12 at 2.00 pm is working and at 2.30 same day day not working when i put an order i have only 1 payment option Shipping Method This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. Table Rate Best Way 7.00 and when i log in to the modules/payment option on the admin menu no payment modules are listed i used the paypal module and i have problem with backup i cant find my old backups and i noticed that the directory of modules is Κατάλογος Modules: /var/www/vhosts/svouratoys.gr/httpdocs/osc/includes/modules/payment/ and httpdocs is on my old site may be a configuration file changed to show the old catalog how can i find the file shown the module path? thank you for your help and your time
  2. svouratoys


    thank you i am trying to find what is wrong i dont know where to look first thank you again
  3. svouratoys


    thank you for your reply i am new on oscommerce i had downloaded my site with an ftp client i upload my old payment direstory but doesnt work i must download the payment module from somewhere? where i can find it? i have to make changes to any configuration file?? thank you in advance
  4. svouratoys


    Hello i have a problem with payment modules in oscommerce All payment modules sudently lost . All modules are missing . Not even default and i cant find my backups Can you help me please?