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    IWAS got a reaction from Roaddoctor in [Contribution] iOSC - mobile version of OSC on your iPhone   
    OK, I got it to work with the main site still using Chemos seo URLs 2.2d.
    You have to rename mobile_product_info.php to something different like mobile_producto_inform.php. Then give it a filename in includes/filenames.php like this
    define('FILENAME_MPRODUCT_INFO', 'mobile_producto_inform.php');
    Then in mobile/includes/modules/products.php change FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO to FILENAME_MPRODUCT_INFO
    do the same in catalog/mobile_shopping_cart.php
    and only the second one in the file now called catalog/mobile_producto_inform.php (NOT THE REQUIRES STATEMENT AT THE TOP)