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  1. Thanks Jim, I just had my first sale to UK in a long time and got this error. Googled it and found the same thread where you have helped me (and others) in the past. THANK YOU!!!!
  2. I believe it is up to date with only Jacks header tags his widey template. I have looked in admin, is it in a module or a configuration setting.
  3. How do I get the categories description to show up? Running 2.3.4 edge
  4. IS there a setting to get the image popups to work? They show on the main page but dissapear when you click on them. Running Bootstrap Edge
  5. No wonder I couldn't find it, it was in details instead of process, and details is in modules instead of root, thank you!!!! :thumbsup: I'll get used to the bootstrap yet, lol.
  6. I'm running Bootstrap edge and I am trying to get the United States(223) pre-selected when you go to add an address to the address book. I found threads that showed how in create_account.php, but I don't seam the call to the function code as being the same in the address book process file. Any help would be appreciated. Dave
  7. I guess it pays to read your instructions, LOL. Didn't see that it was posted in front of my face :rolleyes:
  8. You're right it was in the osc-BS build. I was looking at the JS of that, was wondering if that is how it worked. Sweet. :) I attached the scaled images if you want to include it on the next release. I think Google has something to do with blogger and blog_spot.
  9. Thanks for the fix. You had the image for blogspot in the images file but not on the page where it can be checked and command entered. I'll take a closer look later.
  10. @@Jack_mcs Nice job on the Social Bookmarks. I was going to add a link to your social bookmarks, and noticed you already had the image for it in the images directory. Is this something you already had tried before or is it something intended for the future?
  11. Thanks Jack :) . I'm not using the included file. This is the instructions for template_top, I guess the css call is missing. I added it like it was in the included file and all is good. Little <div> runover, but I can live with this. =================================================================== In admin/includes/template_top.php, FIND (around line 39): </head> ADD ABOVE: <?php /*** Begin Header Tags SEO ***/ switch (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_HTML_EDITOR) { case 'CKEditor': echo '<script type="text/javascript" src="./ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>'; break; case 'FCKEditor': break; case 'TinyMCE': if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_CATEGORIES == 'true' || HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_PRODUCTS == 'true' || HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_LISTING_TEXT == 'true' || HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_SUB_TEXT == 'true' ) { if ($action == 'new_product' || $action == 'new_category' || $action == 'edit_category') { // No need to put JS on all pages. $languages = tep_get_languages(); // Get all languages // Build list of textareas to convert $str = ''; for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($languages); $i < $n; $i++) { if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_CATEGORIES == 'true') $str .= "categories_htc_description[".$languages[$i]['id']."],"; if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_PRODUCTS == 'true') $str .= "products_description[".$languages[$i]['id']."],"; if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_LISTING_TEXT == 'true') $str .= "products_head_listing_text[".$languages[$i]['id']."],"; if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_SUB_TEXT == 'true') $str .= "products_head_sub_text[".$languages[$i]['id']."],"; } //end for each language $mce_str = rtrim ($str,","); // Removed the last comma from the string. // You can add more textareas to convert in the $str, be careful that they are all separated by a comma. echo '<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="includes/javascript/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js"></script>'; include "includes/javascript/tiny_mce/general.php"; } } break; default: break; } /*** End Header Tags SEO ***/ ?> ===================================================================
  12. This is the first time I added this to a bootstrap shop (edge). Everything works great except I think I messed something up. When I use the admin/includes/template_top.php file that is in the add-on it totally hoses my left column. If I do the the individual change in the instructions it hoses my Header, but only on the page control (header_tags_seo.php) page. Everything still works just thought I might of did something wrong.
  13. Jack said it had the latest Paypal version. Anyway, I Uninstalled it and it still has the same result. The only payment module I have enabled is COD. This is not a live shop yet, So I don't know if it ever worked. There is only 1 order I entered as a test.