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  1. DamienDarwick

    One Page Checkout Support

    Sorry I had to uninstall OSC its too buggy for my shop. :( Thanks for your help though.
  2. DamienDarwick

    One Page Checkout Support

    Paypal Standard Yeah found it, turned it off and still I get this shipping error message. :( Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing. What is the title of it so I can be sure that I'm turning it off.
  3. DamienDarwick

    One Page Checkout Support

    Question is there a way just to totally disable the shipping portion of this contribution? That would more and likely solve my problems since I'm only doing downloads of virtual products.
  4. DamienDarwick

    One Page Checkout Support

    Did not work. The code was already changed to that. Any other ideas?
  5. DamienDarwick

    One Page Checkout Support

    thanks I'll take a look and post back.
  6. DamienDarwick

    One Page Checkout Support

    I'm not able to search within just this thread so I cannot find the answer to my problem with this contribution. My site has only digital downloads on it, I do not ship stuff. When I try to go through the one page checkout and click the continue button first the page just seems to refresh and go no where when I click it a second time I get an error message that says... ------------------------------------------------ Shipping Selection Error ------------------------------------------------ You must select a shipping method. Please help as this would really benefit my shop. Thanks.
  7. DamienDarwick

    Return from PayPal to OsCommerce Shopping Cart

    Not sure of what you know, but I believe you have to have the Pro checkout with paypal in order for this to work on your site. If you do not pay for the Pro version from paypal then you would need to stick with the one that works.