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  1. InternetSecure MerchantLink

    Everything works except the export script for me. I have setup IS to send the report to ' mystore/cart/postapprovals.mhtml.' However, there is no file with that name on my site, and I don't know how to locate it.
  2. Internetsecure Payment module

    When I asked internetsecure techsupport for help, they declined. I tried several other options, but none could help. The error appears after every transaction but it doesn't cause any problem so I just grin and bear it!!! :devil:
  3. Sitemap SEO

    I did the "uninstall/reinstall" process and it got my site working again. However, in the config section with Sitemap SEO, I only have access to the "settings control". Both the Box and Page Control sections produce the Fatal error message. I ran through the file checklist and every one is accounted for.
  4. Sitemap SEO

    The big question is, will it fix this, which suddenly appeared after a day of 2 of working perfectly. Fatal error: Call to undefined function getpagesarray() in /catalog/admin/sitemap_seo_page_control.php on line 112
  5. Sitemap SEO

    Is it possible to rub "uninstall" and "reinstall" the seo install sql file to correct a problem?
  6. InternetSecure MerchantLink

    I have set my Internetsecure cart live and have processed a tranction but it also produced this error message. 'Export Script for transaction RN# 1293282500.93B1 FAILED. Reason:Expected string (security_phrase_here) was not present in the response message.' It seems that internetsecure is writing to an mhtml file in a cart directory, but that directory is empty. Also, there is no mhtml file in the contrib. Do you have any thoughts about a fix for this issue?
  7. Sitemap SEO

    It turns out that the 2 lines on each of my product pages , "related products" and "categories" are controlled from the configuration page of OSC. Now I just have to figure out how to make products and categories "related".
  8. Sitemap SEO

    I have discovered that there are several different files, all named "sitemap.php" and they are not interchangeable. In looking at the page source, it seems that "sitemap_seo.js" is where the issue is. It produces 2 lines of text: 'Related Products', and 'Related Categories' at the bottom of each catalog page. At least it is normal text, not ALL CAPS. It appears to be a link, but leads nowhere on clicking it. I'll keep looking....
  9. Sitemap SEO

    Unfortunately the instructions don't mention anything about troubleshooting the issue. I'll just have to put up with the text and hopefully discover why in the future. There is nothing to indicate that the index.php file is looking for something and "here is the problem".
  10. Sitemap SEO

    There is one small issue still outstanding with my install. It looks like the file catalog/index.php line 305 <td class="smallText"><a href="javascript:displaySitemapCategory();" class="smallText"><span style="vertical-align:text-bottom; "><img src="images/sitemap_arrow.jpg" alt="" border="0"></span><span style="padding-left: 3px;"><?php echo TEXT_SITEMAP_RELATED_CATEGORIES; ?></span></a></td> </tr> It produces the graphic "arrow" and 'TEXT_SITEMAP_RELATED_CATEGORIES' at the bottom of each page. Is there something wrong or is the the way it is supposed to behave?
  11. Sitemap SEO

    After finding some time, I finally managed to get this installed and working. A little tricky for a newbie but perseverance pays off. Thanks for the help.
  12. Internetsecure Payment module

    I have installed the latest contrib for IS and it works properly, except for their script that is supposed to notify me of the transactions. The error it sends is can't find directory '/_cart/postapproval.mhtml' Anyone have any suggestions about fixing this? Tech support at internetsecure doesn't offer any support for OSC.
  13. Sitemap SEO

    I reviewed all the files again and discovered one was missing. After adding it, I have a new error message. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare addmissingboxes() (previously declared in /home/ctsmith/public_html/cart/admin/includes/functions/sitemap.php:15) in /home/ctsmith/public_html/cart/admin/includes/languages/english/sitemap.php on line 40
  14. Sitemap SEO

    Well, I started over with a new install, in the correct directories this time, but still get an error when trying to setup the Admin-SEO-boxes etc. Warning: require(includes/languages/english/sitemap.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ctsmith/public_html/cart/admin/sitemap_seo_page_control.php on line 16 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'includes/languages/english/sitemap.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/ctsmith/public_html/cart/admin/sitemap_seo_page_control.php on line 16 Do you have any suggestions about correcting this?