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  1. Sorry IamJim, I'm somewhat confused as well. From looking through the AIM code I see the line: 'x_customer_ip' => tep_get_ip_address(), So, It seems that AIM is getting the customer's IP, But is it automatically sending it to I don't think it is because when I download the transaction from I don't see an IP anywhere in the file. I don't know if something needs to be changed or if AIM is sending the info to authorize, just not saving it in the transaction. Any clarification would really help.
  2. Recently we have been getting a lot of spammers/botters using hundreds of credit cards a day. After speaking with they said if the customers Ip address is being sent with the transaction it would help them prevent the fraud that is trying to take place. I am not sure how to accomplish this. I am pretty new to using AIM. If anyone knows how to set it up to include the customers Ip address it would be much appreciated, Or any insight I'm sure would help.