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    One Page Checkout Support

    the calculate_discount function is in the file catalog/include/classes/discount_coupon.php i try to force inclusion of the file that contain the function but... :( i/ve been looking in the checkout_confirmation.php and try to understand how can we make it work nothing for now.. i'll continue to search for a solution, please share your solution if you have it ! :thumbsup: thanks
  2. gandahar12

    One Page Checkout Support

    I have same problem, i've tried some tricks but... can't solve this !! i've been searching with google but i can't find solution... i have latest one page checkout version and latest discount coupon KGT and OSc 2.2rc2a strange... one page checkout already include code for compatibility with KGT... what the problem ? please help thankyou all great community around oscommerce thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAR !!!!!!! :-"