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  1. Aziz

    PayPal Insecure

    actually... i would add a small test on top of its header to check if the user really did buy it.. if it is let em view it else kick em out peace,
  2. Aziz

    Free Products from stores?

    hmmm..i love free stuff... whats the url of ur site? :D peace,
  3. Aziz

    How do i set up my credit card machine?

    Thanks for answering.. But how does the module connect to the CC maching to process the payment and see if it is valid or not. Does it do it by itself? i cant seem to reckon how it can be done (how does it know its the machine).. thanks again for answering aziz,
  4. I have a credit card machine which i want the system to use it for payments instead of using paypal and 2checkout or any other systems (its cheapre).. Do i need some kind os special contriubtion or system? please advice thanks aziz