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  1. fohenrolle

    3D Secure not working

    Hi, I have solved this problem for me by changing to: Entry Form = Hosted Fields In order to get that working I had to make some changes to the file includes/modules/payment/braintree_cc.php But maybe that resulted from my modified shop...
  2. fohenrolle

    3D Secure not working

    Hi, for the credit card payments I use the braintree App (v2.010). Configuration: Entry Form = Drop-In 3D Secure = All Cards Transaction Method = Payment 3D-Secure has been enabled by the braintree support team. This works for the credit-card payments. But the 3D-Secure-Page is not displayed. The payment is processed without any further interaction! What am I doing wrong?
  3. Thanks for the compilation De Dokta! I have changed it a bit and am using it here: test.fairtragen.de Not quite finished yet, and only visible in xs or sm (phone or pad-sizes...) :-)