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  1. Hello, I need a left box to put inside of my categories with price ranges... like prestashop have. For example price, 0,00$ -> 10,00$ 10,00$ -> 20,00$ 20,00$ -> 30,00$ When you click on of this options product listing shows the products between this prices.. It is possible? Thanks
  2. No, i do everything, the install is very easy to understand, product_info.php -> catalog/product_info.php checkout_process.php -> catalog/checkout_process.php categories.php -> catalog/admin/categories.php products_attributes.php -> catalog/admin/products_attributes.php The following SQL query will need to be run: ALTER TABLE `products_attributes` ADD `options_quantity` INT( 11 ) ;. All done :-) As you can see is very easy to install this Mod.
  3. Hello, I install this Mod but i have a problem, maybe is a bug... Everything works fine, but when i edit a product in admin area the products_quantity set to 0 I add attributes normaly in product fields and its ok, but if i only edit the description or the name or other field of the product the products_quantity goes to 0 zero. Anyone can help?