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  1. PayPal_AnthonyH

    Passing language to Paypal (Standard & Expres)

    @abeoadmin not that I know of, however the PayPal website uses a variety of methods to detect the appropriate language to display to the buyer including previous login language, browser/operating system locale, PayPal account creation language, etc. It is generally not necessary to override the automated handling of language detection on the PayPal site. Also your own testing of this will default to the detection on your particular machine, which may be different to the detection on another customers machine.
  2. PayPal_AnthonyH

    PayPal Payments Pro (US) - "Security header is not valid"

    As Satish points out, if you want to test in the Sandbox, you *MUST* generate a new set of API credentials from within the Sandbox account. The Security Header Not valid error means you are using a set of credentials that are not valid for the chosen environment. You cannot use your Live credentials with the Sandbox - they are completely separate environments. If you have further problems, please log a ticket at https://www.paypal.com/mts
  3. PayPal_AnthonyH

    PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro (Official Payment Module)

    @johnnybebad I have zipped the file again and uploaded. Let me know if the 9th February version works: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7184 Regards, Anthony PayPal (UK)
  4. PayPal_AnthonyH

    Paypal Pro UK with 3D Secure

    @nile the new PayPal module has not been tested on MS2, we only support the current release of osCommerce. Cardinal Commerce can assist with your integration of the module into MS2.
  5. PayPal_AnthonyH

    Paypal Pro UK with 3D Secure

    @matthell we acknowledge that heavily customised stores can have difficulty in installing the module if the only required feature is 3D Secure (the osCommerce module framework doesn't make these things easy!). We are shortly going to release a 'lite' version of the module which only includes the 3D Secure component which will minimise the amount of rework required to incorporate the module. I will update the thread when this has passed testing and available for downloading. Regards, Anthony PayPal UK
  6. PayPal_AnthonyH

    Paypal Pro UK with 3D Secure

    Nile, please log a ticket at https://www.paypal.com/mts - this could be any number of things from you not having a Pro account, to not completing sign up with Cardinal or using the wrong PayPal module in osCommerce.
  7. PayPal_AnthonyH

    PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro (Official Payment Module)

    @johnnybebad this is now released and available at: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7184
  8. PayPal_AnthonyH

    Paypal Pro UK with 3D Secure

    @johnnybebad - we have released a new build of the PayPal module which includes the rp_ipn.php. Apologies for the delay while this was tested. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7184 Regards, Anthony.
  9. PayPal_AnthonyH

    PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro (Official Payment Module)

    @johnnybebad, this will be posted in the next release of the module. It was unfortunately missed in the 177 release, the release is currently in testing and should be available today or tomorrow - I will update this thread when it is available for upload.
  10. Hi Anthony, paypsl sre threting to deactivate ipns on my account as the file rp_ipn.php was ecluded from the official paypal 3d secure module.

    Can you please get this file posted as an update or something soon before I get ipns taken away from my account.


  11. Hello Anthony

    I have a Paypal Business account that uses the Payflow system and run an osCommerce 2.2-MS2 site.

    Cardinal Centinal have supplied a module for the Payflow system but upon testing the PayPal Manager

    report says that cards failed due to "ERROR 7, FIELD FORMAT ERROR"

    Cardinal say the information being sent back by them is correct but fails at ...

  12. Please use this thread to post VERIFIED bug reports and feature requests only on the official PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro module for osCommerce 2.2 RC2a. This thread is monitored, however specific configuration support requests should be either posted as a New Topic in the PayPal forum or directed to PayPal Merchant Technical Support at https://www.paypal.com/mts
  13. Hi Anthony. I am using your add-on which is great but there is one missing part which is rp_ipn.php file. Can you make an update with it? Thanks

  14. PayPal_AnthonyH

    Paypal Pro UK with 3D Secure

    Hi Johnny, Thanks for posting the PayPal module provided by Cardinal, however this is a restricted module that can only be distributed by Cardinal Commerce once a merchant has signed up for 3D Secure. Would you mind removing this for now? We plan to make a future release of the Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) module at a later date. Also if you are using a Website Payments Pro account created after September 2008, you can use the new official module at: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7184 The newer Pro accounts let you generate an API Signature as opposed to the existing Partner, Merchant ID, Username and Password you currently use. Regards, Anthony. PayPal (UK)