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  1. Possibly yes.


    there are two drawbacks to the standard manufacturers dropdown.


    1) As you found "Please Select" produces index.php?manufacturers_id= which is of course an inexistant manufacturer ( and why therefore USU5 correctly shows a 404 not found page ).


    2) Every selection creates a 301 redirect to the seo url, with Google suggesting it is starting to follow such dropdowns this is not really a good idea.


    The file in "replacements" changes this operation and cures these issues.


    Ok thanks, I haven't edited my manufacturers.php file since my original install. Would simply 'replacing' it with this new file change much else? I annoyingly don't have the skill to tell what else it will change immediately.

  2. Hi there.


    When I choose a manufacturer from my list it accesses it with no issues, however, if I access manufacturers again and choose the 'Please Select' option, it takes me to the FWR Media Page not found. Do you know why this is, and if so, what file i can edit?


    many thanks

  3. Hi Jack


    Got another question if that's ok. In Sitemap SEO > Settings Control, if I enable Articles Manager, InfoPages or Page Manager, it comes up with these database errors when I go to sitemap.php (depending on which one I enable):


    1146 - Table 'db300569983.TABLE_ARTICLES' doesn't exist

    select a.articles_id, ad.articles_name from TABLE_ARTICLES a left join TABLE_ARTICLES_DESCRIPTION ad on ad.articles_id = a.articles_id where a.articles_status = '1' and ad.language_id = '2'

    [TEP STOP]



    1146 - Table 'db300569983.TABLE_INFORMATION' doesn't exist

    SELECT information_id, information_title FROM TABLE_INFORMATION WHERE visible='1' and language_id='2' ORDER BY sort_order

    [TEP STOP]



    1146 - Table 'db300569983.TABLE_PAGES' doesn't exist

    select pd.pages_title, pd.pages_body, p.pages_id, p.pages_name, p.pages_image, p.pages_status, p.sort_order from TABLE_PAGES p left join TABLE_PAGES_DESCRIPTION pd on .pages_id = pd.pages_id where p.pages_status = '1' and pd.language_id = '2' order by p.sort_order

    [TEP STOP]


    Do you know what I am missing? I also cant seem to get my head around 'Box Control' and what it's usage is for - any tips would be very handy.


    thank you! - that's all my questions!

  4. This contribution can't cause that to happen. The only changes it makes to the index file is to include the related categories code, and that wouldn't do it. Perhaps you uploaded some of the included files and overwrote your edited ones. That's the only way I can think of that would cause a problem.


    If you don't use the information box, then adding a link in the footer would be the way to go.


    Hello, I've tried everything I can think of but it definitely comes down to the two index.php edits. Would it make any difference as to where they're placed? I didn't originally have the surrounding table rows or data code in my file (but did have the



    <?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING); ?> so I just placed it after that?

  5. I don't understand what you mean about it showing the name and description of the categories. Seems like that is what one would want. Do you mean in the site map itself? Please provide a link to the problem so I can see what you mean.


    http://karamelshoes.co.uk/index.php/new-arrivals-c-1 is a link to one of my pages showing the problem. The title 'new arrivals' was not there, and neither was the grey text with my description for my metatags until after I installed this contrib.


    I've also realized my site doesn't show information boxes so I can't see a link to the sitemap. Would I be able to place this in the footer instead?


    Thank you very much for your help!

  6. Hello


    I've installed this contribution without any errors, however I'm concerned it is now bringing up the name and description for my categories and manufacturers on my main site. I entered this information in via the admin panel when I installed 'KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags' however it is bringing up this text now, rather than keeping it hidden. Would you know if a certain file edit, say index.php would have caused this and if so, how I can correct it?


    Many thanks

  7. There's something wrong if your sitemapindex file is showing that many urls unless you have a very large shop and multiple maps were created due to the size limits imposed by google. But if your shop is only creating the three to six standard map files, then something is wrong. If the links are incorrect, google won't use them from the map files. They may still add them through a normal search but it will take longer. Better to fix the problem and let the code work for you.


    I see. Thank you for your advice, and thanks for a great contrib - removing the www. in my google account has fixed my issue and it now appears to be working like a treat. Now to install your next contribution!

  8. They are saying that you have your site listed with them as www.example.com but your feed is telling them it is for example.com. Even though those are links to the same location, the search engines treat them differently. So you have either have to change the name in your google account or change your configure file to match that name.


    thanks - how comes sitemapindex.xml is showing as ok? (as it's possible to view all pages by optionally typing the www. in). Also, is it ok that it shows 295 URL's?


    I will change the google account to remove the www. and resubmit. Do you know if this means it will ignore results from anyone typing in the www.?


    Thank you!

  9. Hi Jack


    Thanks for this great contribution - seems to be working really well although when I check in Google Webmaster Tools after submitting my 6 .xml files, the only one that seems to be working is sitemapindex.xml with 295 URLs submitted. I checked the errors for the others and they all say:


    'Paths don't match

    We've detected that you submitted your Sitemap using a URL path that includes the www prefix (for instance, http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml). However, the URLs listed inside your Sitemap don't use the www prefix (for instance, http://example.com/myfile.htm).'


    This warning does make sense to me, :thumbsup: however when I go into the Sitemapindex.xml (which is 'OK') it lists my other 5 sitemaps inside as all ok!


    So my grand finale question is, did I only need to upload the one .xml file as it seems to have generated the others filenames inside?


    Thanks very much

  10. Sounds like those files are perhaps adding style to ul/li


    It looks absolutely fine if I remove the first <li> in the breadcrumb text. I tried that, because i noticed there were two <li> lables and only one closing </li>.

    Would this make any difference if I removed the first one? :blush: (im talking about the breadcrumb.php coding - sorry if I'm confusing)

  11. For the breadcrumb extra to work you have to add ALL the parts .. in the stylesheet ..


    #breadcrumb {

    padding: 0;

    margin: 0;


    #breadcrumb li {




    The changes to classes/breadcrumb


    And the on page html


    <ul id="breadcrumb"><?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' » '); ?></ul>


    I have done all of that I promise...It looks fine on the products, just not on the categories & manufacurers listings...I will keep looking for another file to edit as my shop is pretty modified.

  12. Hi, hoping this to be my last hiccup >_<


    In the google breadcrumb extra, editing the code to breadcrumb.php (basically adding in the <li>) messes up the layout of my breadcrumb trail in categories and manufacturers giving them a bullet point and spread out like a list. Product info's breadcrumb trails are fine though, staying all on one line with no bullet points) Does this sound odd?

  13. The page title should now be produced by KissMT and the text in an H1 tag.



    Without sounding too dumb, is the page title the text in the browser tab? I of course know how to change the style of the title text on the page itself (which i don't want to make any larger as it looks fine just as it is), but feel like im missing out on this cool benefit if that is the case?


    Thanks for you other help. I am nearly there! :lol:

  14. Sorry I have a few further questions I was hoping you could possibly help me on?


    I've added the optional extra: Category/Manufacturer Descriptions & H1 Page Titles, however cannot see any difference in the page title style. You mention to; "Then go to your categories and manufactures to add some nice keyword rich SEO text." Would you please tell me where I would add this information? In the individual .php files? Sorry for my in-experience.


    As for the Google breadcrumb extra, I can only find "<?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' » '); ?>" in my product_info.php. Would it be ok to edit this file instead of header.php?


    Finally, my homepage (index.php) only appears to be picking up 4 keywords (probably because there is hardly any text on that page) so would you reccommend trying to make further edits to this file as I've done for categories & manufacturers?


    Thank you very much, I look forward to your reply.

  15. Hi it is difficult offering instructions where the code is entirely different.


    I would suggest looking at the "drop on top" index.php which has all of the code changes in place, then work out where to place them in your own file.


    Where to put the page title h1 should be relatively clear as it is your page title.


                     // KissMT start
                     echo KissMT::init()->page_title . PHP_EOL;
                     // KissMT end


    As for the description: -


    <?php KissMT_Desc_Extn::init()->output(); ?> 


    You just put the above where you want the description to output.


    Just bear in mind that index.php is effectively 3 files, with 3 page titles etc, as follows: -


    1) Nested categories


    2) Products and manufacturers listings


    3) Default home page


    Hi, thank you, I appreciate it's hard to know what everyone's modified index.php will look like. I will have a go at your suggestions and look at the Drop On Top folder. I've found it's the same for the google_breadcrumb_installation. In catalog/includes/header.php, I cannot find:

    <td class="headerNavigation">  <?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' » '); ?></td>


    It will probably take me some time as my code looks entirely different but hey ho I'm sure I'll get there in the end!

    Thanks though!

  16. Hi there,


    Thanks for a fantastic contribution, so easy to install! I've just come accross a hiccup while trying to install the optional extras (Category-Manufacturers Descriptions-H1 page title) and I have no trace of the last two edits in the catalog/index.php:


    Find ... There are three of these to be changed. Make sure to change all three.


    <td class="pageHeading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?></td>




    Find ... There are three of these we only want to change the first two. One in nested categories the other in products/manufacturers listings





    <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td>



    I've tried looking for similarities etc, but cannot seem to get past this point.. Any ideas why my index.php doesn't have this?

    Thanks so much

  17. Ok, you need to clarify this question. Because it doesn't make sense. You want to remove the option of calculating the weight. Ok, zone rate is based on a weight table, which then begs the question, what is the method you want to use to calculate the shipping cost? A "standard charge". Is that a flat rate? Certainly if you have zone one set to the US and zone 2 set to any of a bunch of little countries in Europe, then whatever table you use for zone 1 won't have any effect on the price calculated for zone 2. You know about adding more zones, right? You go into includes/modules/shipping, code edit zones.php and you see the function "zones"? You change the line $this->num_zones = 1; to something like, say $this->num_zones = 11; Then you'll get more zone definitions than you can shake a stick at. But of course I'm sure you must have seen that already. There are loads of comments inside zones.php that point to that location and say "change this 1 to something else if you want more than one zone rule" so how could anyone miss it? You do have to uninstall your zone rate module and reinstall it after making this change to the zones.php file. Be sure to save your values because it will delete the tables from memory when you do this.



    Hi, thanks for your reply. I was aware of the option to add zones as you mention above (by editing zones.php) as picked this up from trawling the Forum, however it didn't seem to solve my issue. Although additional zones were added (great) they still all required me to fill out the 'zone shipping table' which is back to the weight issue. I actually ended up making it work for myself and decided to use the weight by editing each product in the end, however what I originally wanted, was to add other zones, but only at a single flat rate (standard charge that does not move up or down no matter how many items the customer orders). In the shipping modules, even when I added more zones, there remained one 'Flat Rate' option (which I want to keep as well as adding other flat rates for other countries). Hope that makes more sense!

  18. Hi all


    I get how you add zones and use the rates for weight etc to calculate shipping costs...BUT is there a way I can remove the option of calculating the weight and just having another standard charge for a different zone, where it doesn't matter how many items the customer purchases - the rate for say, Europe or United States would stay the same?


    Any suggestions welcome! Thanks

  19. I'll put my reply here also incase this can help anyone.... :thumbsup:



    Hi Jon


    Just to let you know what I did - I pointed the PayPal IPN URL to the standard_ipn.php file (which it looks like you did in your forum post) Since I did this, I have had no further failures or emails from PayPal. I didn't think this would work because I use Payments Pro but it seems to have done the trick!? for now anyway....

    The only issue I'm having now, is the stock doesn't get updated automatically in the admin panel. I thought the IPN issue would solve this for me but it didn't so still working on a fix. Let me know if you have any similar issues.


    good luck!



  20. Still no further forward with this issue - I've found a standard_ipn.php in my files but no ipn.php. I'm using PayPal Payments Pro and OsCommerce 2.2 RC2a


    I don't know what URL to even put in the PayPal IPN URL? Also not sure if I should be adding a payment IPN module of some sort to get a ipn.php file?


    I'm really lost with this and although I know it wont stop transactions going through, when I turn IPN's off the stock doesn't get updated correctly in my admin panel (am using QTPro) so I was forced to turn it back on.


    Any advise please?

  21. yes thanks for your reply fixtra and it's interesting to hear of others with the same issues...


    however, i don't even have an ipn.php file! - do I need to get one? If so, is this a contribution you need to add, or was it already in your files?


    Let me know if you hear back from PayPal mafadmin...


    FYI The one thing i did just change is the IPN URL - as I have a secure site, i changed it to https://my...site...co.uk. Now waiting to see if any messages are successful from within Paypal.. I dont see anything to do with this in my admin panel though and not sure if i should or not.