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    IPN failure

    yes thanks for your reply fixtra and it's interesting to hear of others with the same issues... however, i don't even have an ipn.php file! - do I need to get one? If so, is this a contribution you need to add, or was it already in your files? Let me know if you hear back from PayPal mafadmin... FYI The one thing i did just change is the IPN URL - as I have a secure site, i changed it to https://my...site...co.uk. Now waiting to see if any messages are successful from within Paypal.. I dont see anything to do with this in my admin panel though and not sure if i should or not.
  2. Lucy Fox

    Simple Admin Access Control

    Hi All Read through this thread a few times now and have really tried to get it to work for my shop but with no success. I've realised I do not have the PHP_AUTH_USER or PHP_SELF in my server.info.php..... Does that mean I should just give up as my shop files aren't compatible? Or can I implement these variables somehow? Thanks - forever hopeful!!