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    TheGuy got a reaction from AZAdrion in Bing Feed that Uses Attributes   
    I'm looking for a Bing online store Feed addon that uses the product attributes.
    I found a Bing feed addon, but it just uses the main catalog description.
    I need to use the attributes.
    Is there such a feed addon?
    Or.... anyone now how I might go about doing this?
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    TheGuy got a reaction from mbhaney in Virtual Merchant - Elavon, ViaKlix, Nova Payment Module Support Forum   
    Installed the contribution. Everything works fine - except....
    I'm not getting error messages back from Virtual Merchant. It just refreshed the checkout_payment page.
    If a transaction goes through - it finishes, and processes just fine.
    If a transaction is declined, I'm right back on the checkout_payment page, with no error message, and no indication as to the problem.
    Any help with this?