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  1. gcoulter

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    Must also agree, was new 2 os but found this easy and no different 2 other open source software.
  2. gcoulter

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    Pete Sorry for not making it clear. I'm trying to fix an issue for someone and am new to oscommerce. Up to the middle of November he received an email of the store copy of the order. I thought it may have stopped because of the worldpay callback issues. As the order copy is sent if you use the Cash on Delivery option, this also made me think it was a worldpay issue. He also had other issues with the callback on worldpay, and the fact it stripped out the buttons. All of which your module solved. Its a CRE loaded version of oscommerce so it's probably been modded somewhere. However I'll try your suggestion. Thanks for the reply and help, much appreciated. Graham
  3. gcoulter

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    Hi Just installed your updated module and it works great, thanks, However I'm not getting the email confirmation of the order. I get the confirmation from worldpay and confirmation from the site of the invoice. I've attached a screen shot which I hope will help explain. Thanks, Graham